Southern Cameroon Aka Ambazonia Presumed Independence Day Celebration News.

It is not by coincidence of birth some write for others to read and some read for others to interpret and some interpret for the mass to consume. It is by virtues of nature at birth and determination to stand out of the crowd of sheep. The west colonised you not by ordained right or virtues of birth but by determination and you can demonstrate to them your ability through reason the product of natural virtues that you have gone pass ignorance and stupidity to confront their presumed knowledge deployed against you at gun point in the name of freedoms, democracy and moral justice.

The peak of ignorance is irrational frustration. When you ignore your brains you become a victim of knowledge ignorance. What we see across the NW and SW provinces of Cameroon today is the price you pay for being knowledge ignorant. Ignorance and dullness has become a virtue in our community defended with the fist championed by those we see as educated and elites of our community. Learn to question them to demonstrate beyond doubt their limitations in reason.

Do you really believe in the independence! What are you still fighting for? By fighting for independence you are indirectly categorising Sisiku and co as educated illiterates idiots. How could he declare independence before fighting for it? By celebrating the set independence, you are indirectly condemning yourself as an ignorant idiot. A sheep with no brain. Let us ask ourselves one key question of legality, on what legal framework was Sisiku operating? Even a powerful leader like Putin is working on a legal framework in the captured land east of Ukraine so why are we fooling around and killing each other like idiots!

I have this information for all my brothers and sisters, knowledge can be gained from the text book but you reason into the knowledge and not from it. It is the reason you apply in addressing common issues facing you. On that base, how do you even perceive the thought of independence declaration to the extent of celebrating it? Let us address one fundamental point of naivety in us, what is the problem and how is Ambazonia thé solution? How does this problem affects you and your community differently from someone equal to your status in Baffoussam?

All our perceptions of today are from two categories of sources; the text ( it was), word of mouth ( I HEAR SAY), This and That said, there is nothing wrong but the question is; are these sources your own brain? Are they your parents? Why did you spends years in school to lack the ability to use your own brain. That is how easy a presumed educated fellow can be poison with nonsense. Use your own brains.

More to that, all what you are dwelling on is someone’s perception hence when will you be knowledgeable enough to put your own perception on the table? Crying at thé nostalgie of British Cameroon or Southern Cameroun or Ambazonia is like a German crying for the Roman Empire. That is share illiteracy of the modern age. Crying for anglophone or anglo saxon is a demonstration of the lack of knowledge in your perception. Singing we are anglophone is like a German from the eastern part that was under Russia that he/she is not German but Eastern Russian German. We must be very ignorant because southern Americans are not Spanish although they speak Spanish today so what makes us see ourselves differently to the rest of the world today?

I tell you the truth and honest truth, you may have your personal problem manifested in others but it does not mean you have a general societal problem. To that I mean the word anglophone problem is ambiguous and can’t be define. The terminology itself lacks meaning hence the actual problem is our inability to define ourselves and the absence of reason in our adventure.

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