The Reason I Admire The Courage of Anglophones and Ambazonia Cameroon History

Insanity of history should be criminalised across Africa. Amba people, these are people who are embracing those who did them the biggest wrong and blaming those who safe them from their tormentors.

I really want to ask those fighting for the restoration of Southern Cameroon nation a simple question, throughout Africa We hère of people and parties that stood up and paid with their blood to secure their freedoms from their colonial tormentors. What party and who were those who fought for the Southern Cameroon nation, when and how?

The trusteeship divided Cameroon into British Cameroon and French Cameroon but when time came for your indépendance, you had a box clearly written Southern Cameroon plebiscite, where were your brothers when you were voting?

Today, what is anglophone? What is we are English Cameroon or British southern Cameroon or Anglo Saxons that you are glorifying like a god? It is shameful that you don’t even know those who betrayed you, divided and rule you, instigated divisions among yourselves? Did your brothers under the french administration do this act of injustice to you? The answer is NO. Why are you too blind and dull to see your real problems?

Start by blaming your ignorance and dullness then face your gods the British empire. Because you have no teeth to face yourself, you have decided to pickup arms and burn yourselves to ashes.

That is the root cause of any problem in Cameroon if at all there is any. Should I really blame the U.K.! No oooh

Let me ask all of you one question; from 1922 -1961 of going to Enugu, did you ever ask of the whereabouts of your Brothers and Sisters or question why you have become but Southern Cameroon? No Since thé plebiscite right up to 1990 of SCNC and post 1990 of anglophone conferences, did you ever seek to question their whereabouts? What history are you dramatising on social media in the name of SC Amba history? When did this romantic history really start and how when you don’t even know how you ended up as SC instead of British Cameroon?

Politics of clown and the history Facebook lecturers. Now anyone of you can interpret what is anglophone problem. Your internal guilt and frustration of the inability to understand wants. I came, i listen and I addressed impartially. I am Bda and Bda can’t be against Bda but sweeping your own house before sweeping the neighbour’s is the standard protocol for any human with virtues. To that, I am making one solemn plea to Amba and anglophones, you are better than this.


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