Anglophone Problem: Roots Causes & Authentic Facts

What is anglophone problem and how does it affects you? Million dollar question beyond the mental capacity of all Amba literates. Perception vs facts

Point one: what is the wrongs of your brother east Cameroon worthy of a bloodbath?

Second question: when did you fight for independence, who and under what political affiliation? These questions might sound stupid but here is the power of one pen vs the entire Amba. No country had independence on the plate therefore, how did you become a nation until you are fighting for the restoration? When you ask questions of reason to intellectuals some fanatics will run in to insult about marginalisation nostalgia. Marginalisation was your experience under Nigeria in Enugu and it is what Amba is doing today. If you are not insane, who is marginalising you today at gun point? No it is love not suppression of freedoms and liberties to let the people do want they individually want

We had a trusteeship between France and the British. The French governed us from Yaoundé our country but the British governed us from Enugu Nigeria. Then we had Independence given to the bigger portion under France but a plebiscite to us to return home or join Nigeria formally. Problem one. We left as British Cameroon but the plebiscite ballot said Southern Cameroon. Did you vote? Insanity of historical ignorance should be a crime across Africa. It like being forced at gun point from your house in the NW province and your house keys confiscated. When you are being released from captivity, you are handed a key named Bda and you take it without questioning. Whose fault is it?

British Cameroon was made up of a large area comprising of Southern Cameroon, Yola, Njimita and Northern Cameroon. You decided to vote return home then 3 decades you started complaining. 6 decades later you started preaching our history! What history! You didn’t even know yourselves in 1961 proven by your actions. This proves that without your brothers fighting for your release from captivity, you would have ended up in captivity under Nigeria just like the others. Shameful.

After returning home at the Foumbam conference, the French colonial masters were there but your gods the British were absent. Did you question why? Noh, it was irrelevant. We just wanted power of destiny. Today, what history are you reciting as Amba’s let us for one’s say thank you to Ahidjo and his own mistakes. If you had common sense like Ahidjo, the British won’t have succeeded in their plans against you. Shameful.

Next we had a federation and two house of assembly with 40 members to east Cameroon and 10 to west Cameroon. SC becoming west Cameroon. 1 vote of west Cameroon was equivalent to 10 of east Cameroon and no legislation could be made law without the approval of 60% of west Cameroon house of assembly. That was the law. How could Ahidjo change the federal state to one star without that 60% approval! In my opinion it was a good idea. We shouldn’t see ourselves as French speaking or English speaking but Cameroonians. I myself rubber stamp it. We should accept the barbaric history but rediscover ourselves and move on.

That is what you call Anglophone problem. The deliberate refusal to acknowledge our own past actions either deliberately or ignorantly. The UPC sacrificed to safe us from the hands of Nigerians who saw us as slaves and second class citizens. That is where your notion of second class citizens is coming from.

Therefore, can you demonstrate what you mean by anglophone problem contrary to this impartial facts? I came i listen, I understood and I addressed. We are angry but blaming what we can never address; the politics of reality.


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