Surrender not Expectations of mediation. Please reason political undertakings. In 2017, you bypassed all international and foreign advisers for the need of dialogue calling thé UN toothless bulldog and calling the architect of Cameroon mediation YAM head. This is what I find bizarre with all this Amba saga, you are as divided as a dog and a cat in one room and at each other’s neck like wild beasts attempting to a cross a river full of crocodiles. You want to mediate with Cameroon begging for à Europeans to be the referee. So sad you can demonstrate that as blacks, you have no trust among yourselves and lack the mental capacity to handle your own issues or trust within your own continent! No doubt. . You created go fund to fund the war, bought arms, declare a war! Didn’t you think of mediation and the international bodies first?

Today, you are seeking the very international bodies help! Tapang one of your war architect once said ‘ we will show the world how to attend independence’ Tapang Ivo 2017. Is it not sad to see you begging them to show you the way today?

Mark Bareta told us to pickup arms and fight for our freedoms. If the arms have failed to deliver you from your confusion, you know what to do. How primitive do you look with arms you deliberately pickup being used against yourselves?

Cho Ayaba, Chris Anu etc have been coming up with war drafts and funding strategies to set you free and Sisiku declared independence and told us we are free, with a government, cabinet etc. What are you still seeking today? That is just the portray of Amba to any impartial observer. Self induced confusion and frustration from the beginning to the end.

Some will see this as an understatement but it is always good to have hopes for a miracle. A miracle to reward you for what? This is what is going on today. Put yourself in the place of those you are begging for help and look into your own actions. What do you see?

Amba has been reduced to a sect with groups within fighting each other with ego and envy hopping to become a dominant figure. Each group has around 500 brainwashed well devoted fanatics trying their best to rise up, recruits thé ever depleting number and make their group the best. This is peer irrational brainwashed anchoring bias projection of reality.

When there is no news to hold on to hope and faith, each group turns to atrocities: kidnap or try to ambush any Military post unprovoked then use it for propaganda show of strength and self defence or attack the other group as demonstration of dominance.

Some will invite any white personnel who might even bow to the governor of the SW, lecture on him on their media post then broadcast to brainwashed fanatics to their amusement that is peer entertainment.

That is too childish for people who claim to be a force and educated. You might not be aware that Europeans are intellectuals of your brains, keen listener, curious thinkers looking at you with bemusement but careless about your stupidity. What is important to the UN or any other European is stability of the area. Secondly, where there is a case, foreign bodies come to it. You can see it in Ukraine. In the Amba situation, you are going around begging foreign bodies to hear your cry. Self induced confusion frustration and sign of desperation. The cry of a dying horse

You must be very dull or ignorant to go around crying MEDIATION, Swiss … Cameroon should come for mediation. Let me ask you a simple question: you are seriously calling for Cameroon to come for mediation, to dialogue on what? Explain the legal need for the dialogue? Is it for your safety from persecution for crimes against humanity? Is it to help you bring this nonsense to an end, or is it to help you sign your death warrant? What are you counting on to seat and talk at the international stage?

For your advice, in political under takings, if you had a brain this is what you should do first. Called for a ceasefire among yourselves, called for a ceasefire stop provoking violence then seed mediation to free yourselves from impunity. Until then brace the stoic ideology.

You declared a war of independence so how can you ask Cameroon to call for a ceasefire? How can you invade somebody’s territorial integrity then ask the person to ask you to leave?


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