Ambazonia War Machine Peace Appeal.

For the sake of Ambazonia, I find myself reflecting on the events post Ides of March 44BC appealing to Cameroonians. Fellow country men lend me your ears. I am not here to praise Cameroon nor the head of state. I am here to tell you what I know of Cameroon. Cameroon is not a utopian country and not the best but an average African country still struggling to find her way through to fruition. Looking into the background of some of the Amba leaders, I can’t come to think how such honourable men and women could plan such a wicked thing against their fellow country men? You made a good plan in making the place ungovernable, now that your dreams have come true, you lack virtues to take responsibilities! Let those who claimed Cameroon to be the worse seeking a new country be judge accordingly. I am not here to testify for President Biya but to see reason in all those Amba leaders who accused him of tyranny against you. What do young educated men and women gain destroying their own country for an ambitions they can not amend or correct! Let the evil we do to others rest with each an every one of us.

Some of you have abandoned your community to the mercy of God under Amba ambitious destruction. What God are you counting on that never came to your aide yesterday! I stand here to bear witness to the truth. If you are brave men and women with knowledge, who among you can stand out an define what you mean by IT WAS and an ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM, demonstrate it existence, how it is affecting you or your community and how Ambazonia independence will address just that problem? I have listen to you, and I have stepped in to ask each and everyone of you, how is independence going to stop some people feeling marginalised when they are already marginalised now, create jobs when you are destroying the small economic foundation and what is stopping you from doing it now!

Who am I to question your judgement on violence or arms struggle or violent suppression of individual liberties and freedoms in the name of independence fight! You are all honourable men and women trying to fulfill your SCNC ambitions. That is what your opinion of the good of the mass detects and I think is good but I want to ask all of you one simple;

Of what good is it parading on the pain and agony of the very people you knowingly and willingly picked up arms and declared a war of freedom on their behalf? Of what cause can you justify your act against the misery we are experiencing on the ground where citizens individual’s rights, freedoms and liberties have been stripped by those you deliberately offered arms to safeguard?

My heart bleed seeing you, who advocated for the freedoms of the mass, the mass that was often forced to fund the war mission being victims of your own actions. My spirit is with the spirit of those who have fallen victim of this SCNC agenda of no rational cause. I am not urging any victims relatives to see guilt in you and would rather see guilt in myself and Biya’s government although I have no links with the government than cast just one word against you and your actions. I didn’t advocate for arms violence nor did the government declared war on us but you did. Let virtues men and women among you Rise up and take responsibilities. You claimed to be fighting a just course, of what gain can the course deliver when the people are left with nothing to feed themselves! Of what freedoms are you fighting when your own children are not free to exercise their right to basic education!

I am not here to disprove what you have said, done or discredit your ambitions but to remind you of what I know through reason of your own mindset, act and behaviours. The honourable Wirba once said when « injustice become the law, violence becomes the norm » and you agreed. Today, that is just what you are doing in the name of justice seeking ambitions. All of you have long claimed that Biya is an ambitious tyran murderer. What difference do you see in those who are claiming to be your leader and what difference can you point to in light of your own behaviours and actions today? You have told thé mass of how the government has marginalised you for decades. Of what reciprocal differences are you doing to yourselves today! Have young educated men and women lost their senses of reason!

I will tell you what reason detects to be the truth about this Amba saga, no end product can justify your deeds against your fellow country men in the name of ambitions to divide the country.

You have broken every single rule and principles set by you to advance and your own people are your collateral damages paying with their own blood with guns forcefully taken from them or arms bought by money they contributed. Whatsoever you may wish to say, one thing is certain almost all your leaders are die hearted SCNC members who had long planned but failed to execute it effectively because the opportunity was not anticipated. They hijacked the riots to stage their long dreams of a new nation whereby they will adopt positions of power among themselves and rule the mass like elites in yde. That is no just course for the mass but selfish ambitions that will create nothing but inflict massive miserable conditions beyond your delusional ambitions of a land full of plentiful milk and honey

It is not for me to give you lenses to see everything playing out or hearing aids to hear the voices of the main actors of 2016, nor brains to reason how it all transpired to what we see today but everything is on the field. The early stages of the struggle was lead by the very architects of the teachers and lawyers strike force until the consortium when we saw young underground SCNC militants sprung out like mushrooms. It is still the case today.

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