Anglophone Problem Does Not Exist.

I know saying this words is like a death warrant but let us not be guided by ego but reason. Cameroon like any other nation has her own political, economical and social problems affecting us all uniquely and differently and my experience and understanding from Amba loyalist is the attributions of such problems to an anglo problem however,

Let me ask all believers of such narcissist narratives of your own existence one simple question; you claimed not to be Cameroonians and you know your history! who among you can demonstrate the existence of an anglophone problem without citing colonial literature? Do you really claim to know your history to the extent of fighting for it! Who wrote this history and when? Your existence predate German Kamerun.

We all know that history is written by the victors and not the victims. Vindicate your ideology with your own history to demonstrate this problem, how it is affecting you and spell how independence is the solution. A task 56yrs of fantasy and 7yrs of arms violence is still to attend. Therefore, what is anglophone (s) problem.

Black whitewashing is your problem. It is the lasting legacy of imperial rule across Africa. Africans are still under mental colonial rule unaware. If you ask each an every African about colonial rule in Africa, you get one unique answer. All want their independence and freedom from colonial master’s interference in their internal affairs. Across the NW and SW of Cameroon, everyone is against France and blames the state or Biya for his dependency of France. It is true but don’t be fooled by your own lipstick. Look into your own mentality, endeavours, practices and demonstrate the differences.

Since 2016, how many letters have you written yo France in the name of UN to come to your rescue? How many have you written to thé USA and U.K. in the name of UN? For how long will I live to remind you of your ignorance? Two white people’s can fight to death but if a black person comes in between, they always forget their differences and fight of the common intruder. That is a demonstration of knowing their history. How many of you can demonstrate that level of knowledge? Hon Wirba is icon of the resist movement writing letters to an intruder to separate him from Bamoun. That is an African level of knowledge. Amba leaders are well educated honourable men who are against French influence in Cameroon but begging thé UN daily to come to their rescue. Who is the UN! France, Britannia, USA etc thé very people who sat planned, supported each other’s interest over you and executed the most evil thing against mankind in modern times. Worse of all erasing your history an existence as human equal to them and painting your brains white.

Anglophone problem is a general term; scapegoat. Your individual and collective refusal to acknowledge your own failures and personal misfortunes guided by the mental detrimental legacy of imperial on Africans.

To that I raise my case impartially. What is really funny with our diaspora especially those on the U.K. and USA is the facts about their adopted nations. The USA is an empire just like the U.K. was. Thé USA is trying very hard to mask her ambitions of emulating Great Britain and surpassing the Roman Empire. Look into the inner workings of Ancient Rome and you will see the USA. All institutions of the world are controlled by USA political views.


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