A Brief Description Of Ambazonia Struggle.

The most foolish struggle ever staged in modern times next only to Biafra. I lack words to describe followers because leaders of every organisation always have a motive or hidden agenda to benefit them. This is the 21st with almost everyone with an ability to understand pidgin English or access to information from various sources.

It is not what you think or say against Cameroon that is important but your own thinking and actions defines you. Listen to yourselves, you claimed Cameroon is sub standard to you and your children hence you have picked up arms, trained militia an embarked on a destruction spray of your communities in the name of freedoms. You are promising to build back better tomorrow. Are you really listening to yourselves? Follower must be the most stupid people of planet earth. We Di call da one say chop broke pot. Wickedness. Depriving your own children of basic needs in the name of a better tomorrow. WHEN IS TOMORROW?

This is how a knowledgeable society of and people reason and act on the greater good. They preserve the old sub standard infrastructure because it is their history and a baseline measure that defines their ambitions. Next, the build the society that is of their standards. The obstruction of the state in their process of building that new quality society is what defines the merit of self determination

Simple as ABC. Is that what Amba is doing! You don’t go fooling people into their own demises to look good for nothing. Ambazonia just like Biafra is theoretically good for practical nothing. REASON LIKE INTELLECTUALS ACT LIKE WISEMEN. I have one advise to all of you, unmask this whitewashed colonial mentality and regain your natural freedoms to think. Stop deceiving yourselves and stripping off people’s freedoms and liberties in the name of freedom fight.


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