Anglo Saxon system of education common law etc is all practical nonsense. If I was to go by your own demands and preaching, Amba Southern Cameroon has no case. If knowledge came from trees, there should be one tree that defines and set the precedent for all trees to emulate. Your common law preaching is the tree and Germany is the example for all to emulate. Cameroon was colonised by Germany. Germany was colonised by the Romans. Germany was partitioned just like Cameroon. If East Germany isn’t Germany then British Cameroon not SC has a case as Germany has set the common law precedent. We all know the case of Germany, Hence, what is Southern Cameroon claiming? Do not be fooled by the national languages spoken by European countries, beneath glamour portrait to you are tribes just like us.

You have no case even under self determination based on historical facts. In reality, without such ambiguous history you have no moral, legal and political justification of demands. However, let us examine reason in you to establish the benefits of your ambitions.

An ideology that can offer benefits to the people is one dwelling on exemplary practises and not songs of love and ideal honeymoon. WE HAVE DONE THIS AND WE ARE FACING THIS PROBLEM ON OUR PATH AS A RESULT OF THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT AND LACK OF POWERS TO EXECUTE THIS. That is an ideology embedded in reality and evidence to justify needs.

Amba ideology is the opposite, no practical evidence or what they have delivered instead they are running around crying for what? Give us powers, give us a country etc to do what? Common law is practiced not preached. Englishness nonsense is practiced not preached. You claimed you are different but you are the architects of jungle justice. If you claimed to be different, common law applicability should be in your DNA even in the interior where tribal law takes 100% precedent why jungle justice instead?

Some of the best secondary schools in Cameroon are in the NW and SW and none is privately own by you. Under federalism, what did you deliver to demonstrate this Anglo Saxon system of education or the need of federalism as a better system of governance?

Tell me what Amba can advance for these top level of education institutions and how today? Secret heart is in the heart of Bda, name just one Anglo brick or federal brick in the foundation? When you had powers you did nothing. Go to any institution across the NW and SW run by yourselves and see the level of corruption, lack of will to demonstrate any difference and laziness equal to what you see in Yde. Go to the streets of Bda and see tribalism. Igbo runs the markets. Where theoretical differences are preached there is always no real differences.

You claimed you are different, you are English this and that, point to one English brick in your foundational DNA or in your practical DNA? What did the English do that can benefit you? Did they even built a road? Was Bda Baffoussam road built by the English? Was the road built by your powers under federation. Did the British built any road linking British Cameroon to Nigeria? Did they built any schools? Did they built any hospitals? Name one achievements of the British that can benefit the country today? Name just one of your contributions under federation that is benefiting even you today?

What is common law and English system of education! Are you claiming the British discovered you in bushes and clothe you! I am from Bda and before the German’s arrival, we existed and we were not primitive. We traded with Nigeria and the far north hence what are you claiming today! That is colonial whitewashed.


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