Cameroon HistoryFacts Beyond Your Imagination. Ambazonia Read

Whose duty is it to tell the world of themselves? It is for Africans to research and to amend the imperial version of history giving an insight contrary knowledge of themselves to the inferior version widely noted in history textbooks. Today, all African civilisations are attributed to aliens or white people meaning Africans have contributed nothing to the world of today. The contrary is true.

Cameroon was not a British nor French colony and Cameroon is not French nor English in accordance with perception. Thé close proximity of the French and English colonies to Cameroon is what is confusing many and the fact that after independence Cameroon adopted their spoken languages as our national languages. Remember when you say Cameroon is French and English, it does not describe you but subscribes you to France and England.

How do you make sense of it all! The best and unique example is Germany. Is east Germany Russian because of the history? Is west Germany English because of the history! The answer is NO. Can you stand anywhere and claim Germany was colonised by the Russians and the Americans! The answer is NO. Why then do we hold such perceptions in Cameroon!

If we look critically, Ambazonia aka southern Cameroon found it had to define even the British Cameroon province of Southern Cameroon based on English. Worse of all confused between their identity and English language.

The British colonised India and Kenya but the first official language of India is Hindi and English is just secondary. The same applies Kenya. The misconception in Cameroon is due to the lack of a unifying language prior to the trusteeship. Cameroonians are still to fully grasp the differences between an official language and their identity. Colonisation and trusteeship/protectorate. What I find absurd with Africans is the deliberate refusal to acknowledge that history is subject to amendment in accordance with available evidence to justify the need. Also, we Africans show little interest in researching and amending imperial version of ourselves. We rather accept the imperial version.

With that, we Africans end up with a whitewashed version of ourselves. Knowledge is not facts.

Credit to Pas Claudius


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