Is Ambazonia A Terrorist Organisation & Does The State Need Brute Force & Knowledge To Neutralise The Threat?

This is a simple straight forward answer but since black man listens not to his fellow country men but bows to any stupidity said by Europeans, let us use Europeans ( USA) ambiguous answers and actions to seek meaningful answers.

Let us use 9/11 as our baseline definition of terrorism and actions. In accordance to the actions of the USA following the aftermath of 9/11, any one who poses a threat to the existence/interest of the USA or a citizen of the USA is defined as a terrorist or mentality seek. Any foreigner who poses a threat to the goals and ambitions of the USA is a terrorist and those USA citizens who act along those lines against their country are mentally sick. To that it can be concluded that those foreign nationals abroad claiming to be Amba mouthpiece inciting violence in Cameroon are terrorist and those those home with arms following orders are mentally sick.

I won’t add my judgement but allow each and everyone to judge Amba’s own actions against the very people they are claiming to support as terrorism or freedoms. Look at the exhibit at f Hon Wirba and draw your own conclusion. Is it not Amba suppressing your freedoms?

Look at the exhibit at the bottom to see contradictory words in people who claim to support your freedoms

Now look at the exhibit Mark Bareta

Who is terrorising your will to exercise your freedoms and who is not standing up for you! Wirba is actually supporting people like Mark to terrorise the very people they claim to support.

Does Cameroon need brute force and all necessary means to neutralise this threat? Going by thé USA standards, the answer is YES. This yes answers to all those seeking foreign aide to see the release of all Amba advocates in prison. 70% of thé so called amba leaders are in the EU and USA. Nations that have a zero tolerance policy towards the terrorist and the mentally sick. We as blacks have shown that our level of knowledge is determined by the behaviours and actions of these nations and Amba leaders are their citizens. Let them tell their adopted parents to threat these people as freedom fighter and set them free. If that works, Cameroon can emulate the same policy and free Amba leaders and advocates in prison.

I have just one advise for Cameroon government, at this stage, the best weapon against Amba bandwagon is not arms but knowledge that addresses Amba toxic propaganda that lured them on the bandwagon. I fully support state’s decision to act just like thé USA but we must demonstrate that thé USA and western nations can learn from us.

We are an intellectual society for the western world to emulate. Let us all unite against the terrorist but embark on educating our ignorant citizens who are victims of the course.

Wirba is silent at the oppression of you

The W Americans will do everything to neutralise terrorist or ensue the mentally deranged are behind bars forever then on what grounds you seat in the USA pleading for the release of Sisiku & co? Why do you think Europeans house you in the name of human rights but busy neutralising those against them as terrorist? That is why you are treated as inferior people

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