Cameroonians shouldn’t take pride in masking failure. Beating Brazil should be a routine today as the football nation of Africa. Brazil is no longer Brazil of yesterday and Cameroon should be eyeing that position of Brazil of yesterday.

I am so proud of my nation Cameroon. In football one person must go home crying whilst another goes jubilant. If many are jubilant at winning Brazil and going home, that means we are not ambitious enough as the kings of African football. If Cameroon is not breaking records and setting new highs for any black nation national football team, who do we expect to do it! Did we go to Qatar to compete for the cup or not?

I prayed for a win and gave my full physical and spiritual support and we did. Whether it was England, Spain, Portugal etc all I wanted was a win and progress but we won’t but failed to progress.

Football is changing and countries without a professional league are challenging top nations. In 1982, Italy couldn’t win Cameroon with the star Paolo Rossi. That was a record. In 1990 Cameroon beat Argentina thé current champions with Maradona the best player on earth on the pitch. That was a record. In 1990, Cameroon reach the quarterfinals as the first black nation with mostly home based players. That was a record. Beating Brazil with professional players should be a normal routine for Cameroon today.

Being eliminated means we failed. Those who see it as a golden success by winning Brazil means they see African teams as lacking quality to challenge any team in this world. We failed in CAN masked it with bronze medal.

We should not mask failure. I would have preferred a lost to Brazil and progress to the next stage than a win an elimination. Cameroon has the talent to challenge any national in this world. We should be asking concrete questions to this glamour I am seeing. What we lack is ambitions and will to destroy any opposition.

Success for a Cameroon national team means beating our previous record of 1990. If this was a foreign coach, he would be sacked. No excuses for song because he and Eto have been there and know exactly what was needed. Was Eto not the previous captain! Was song not the previous captain? Eto is leader of FECAFOOT and I can see him on the pitching equal to song. Whether you see it as awkward or not the end product justify the means.

I am not asking for both to be sacked but for us to unit and be focus. It is our national team in the hands in our hands. Let us be serious.

We need to be setting records by breaking our own records. Song get back to business and Eto should do what he has done best in his career for his country.


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