Mr Atanga Nji VS The Anglophone Crisis Update. Heroic figure of the lies or the vilain of truth? Reconciliation

Let us compare what Atanga Nji said, against what Hon Wirba said ( resistance agains the law), against Mark & Tapang advising us to pickup arms, against Sisiku, Cho Ayaba, Chris Anu etc who advised us to raise fund to buy arms, declared war etc. Who spoke just the truth to safe the innocent mass? My impartial opinion is Mr Atanga Nji.

Is it time advocates of anglophone crisis to acknowledge Mr Atanga Nji with grace and not furry! 5yrs on, who is able to present Mr Atanga Nji’s guilt against his own people? At times, we reflect and accept our own foes

Atanga Nji the outspoken Cameroonian minister from the North West province of Cameroon, the epicentre of Ambazonia and anglophone problem grievances advocates said

« There is no anglophone problem in Cameroon » this was seen as an act of provocation at the time and he was labelled enemy number 1 by his own closes brothers and sisters and threatened with death sentences. 5yrs on, no body has been able to proof him wrong.

Is it time we reconcile ourselves with the opposing factions and embrace those who put themselves in danger to remind us of the truth! If you are one of those against reconciliation, think of this,

Who among Amba ranks can come out, spell this anglophone problem and demonstrate how it is affecting you personally! If something does not affect me or my family or my village then it is not a problem. Hence, what is Mr Atanga Nji’s wrong in trying to safe his people from those misleading you into atrocities and death?

What did this man say that isn’t true? This is a minister trying his best. Not perfect, not the best but we can help him do better.

Mr Nji look up.

I see no guilt in what you said Sir.

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