Exposing Amba Atrocities

7yrs of fighting, 7yrs confusion, 7 yrs frustration. Who is an Amba today! Listen to presumed Amba on their Ideal Amba minds website, listen to their critics and insult of others, listen to the stereotypes, knowledge prejudice, hatred etc of those who do not conform etc. In my opinion an Amba is anyone who claims to know better and very good at insult.

If I am honest, all Amba lack one key factor very important in advancing any course; knowledge on the subject and understanding. All ambas claim to know but none has a clue using their status, coat and tie to bully and insult the common man. Using their bush fallers status ( hiding under foreign passports) to evoke divisive propaganda. All claim to be fighting for freedoms but none can demonstrate the relevance of this freedoms in addressing anyone’s problem.

How many of you in bushes are being paid by Amba! Why won’t they seat abroad an call you an illiterate! Explain how you can sacrifice your life over a promise of freedoms by someone who does not no the colour of freedoms or it worth! Is freedom a job or food to feed your family? No doubt all of you have turned to kidnapping of your own brothers while leaders see those knowledgeable not to be involved with atrocities as LRP paid agents. Distraction pathway.

Listen to people who claim to be real Ambas, listen to their description of an ordinary person in the name of Clovis. When Clovis was in bushes, he was their Jesus sacrificing his life to their amusement. Because Clovis has decided to think and help the others to see, he is an illiterate LRP agent against his people. Listen to the words used to threaten his life and others. I tell all of you back home especially in bushes. That is the faith awaiting all of you.

You are a good Amba if you want to remain a sheep. The day you decide to question Amba, you will become an illiterate enemy under LRP.

Listen to their description of someone in the name of Mark and Akwanga. Mark and Akwanga are in Canada in the name of services to you but listen to other presumed leaders labelling them as LRP staged agents. That is the faite awaiting anyone of you home.
If they can do these to their fellow bush fallers, what of you hand clapper expecting from them. Power mongering is the problem not you.

Read my comment questioning their attitudes and because it is a legitimate question, it was blocked immediately. Why, these guys are serving their personal interest using the public as a bridge. Above all, what are they really out to address and how? All your points are centred around insulting Cameroon and citing freedoms. Will people eat freedoms in Ambazonia?

It is shameful that with all these atrocities presumed Amba leaders are fighting for the UN to come to their aide. Listen to them boosting that the UN is listening. Does this mean that all your sacrifices was for the UN to hear your cries! That was just the confirmation needed to proof that all the atrocities are incited by Amba to lure thé UN to see innocent in you and and LRP against you. That explains why those who declared war are crying genocide. This is the stupidest sacrifice of mankind in history. Staging, provoking, inciting violence and killing your own people to stage a genocide. Terrible

From the days of Ayuke Tabe misusing Gofund money flying around hiring limousines and night club bouncers like a football star and posting pictures on social media in the name of meeting international bodies and organisations to lobby for independence still today, what has changed? Nothing, you can fool those who have never understand this drama but not everyone. Every day you seat in your apartment in Europe with wall paper in the background to fool the ignorant youths.

I want to ask all the ignorant people just one question of justice; Ayuk Tabe visited more than 5 countries and claimed to have met top ranking officials who recognised his vision of Amba, bearing in mind that Ayuk Tabe was not a Cameroonian at the of his arrest, can any of you vindicate his travels and propaganda with just one body or person of status coming forward to back his case? Why are we so blind and ignorant! He was a propagandist and nobody supported him.

Since 2015, all what you hear and see on social media about Amba abroad is all within Amba bush fallers, hiring meeting rooms in Europe and inviting their local MPs whose position in the political hierarchy of Europe is 10x lower than your governor and using their images for propaganda.


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