Historico-nostalgic acceptance. Common name The Amba condition.

This is a new term referring to a psychological problem of the mind and brain whereby sufferers gradually and systematically culture themselves into believing historical societal actions were unjust toward their future outcome. These is then used to justify personal misfortunes which may have nothing to do with any historical facts. Individual problems and personal misfortunes are then used as evidence to justify and generalised to a public/ societal problem of perception

The most common symptom is denial and a conformity bias tendency towards contrary facts to justify historical outcomes.

It is not a problem because there is no physical relationship between the presume condition and real life experience or problems affecting anyone. Nobody can demonstrate how any potential solution will change any societal problems. It is a condition of perception and since historical problems always have a political element, this given birth to rival powermongers fighting each other and groups to lead against the very backbone to the presumed problem.

It is a condition whereby believers have just one commonality; historical facts are untrue against them and the solution is indépendance. Only their views are trustworthy against any other evidence.

As a result of this, any deviation from the presumed history view and independence as a solution is seen as an act of betrayal of the struggle. what is funny is that nobody is able to demonstrate any link between this historical view and the independence as the solution.

This can be seen vividly within the very Amba community today. Leaders who may even work on the bases of evidence against the presumed view are labelled LRP paid agents and enemies of the struggle. Any soldier or anyone without bush fallers status who gains a deeper understanding of flaws and misunderstandings about the presume views is labelled an illiterate paid LRP agents. What is strange is this: almost all who claim to be champions of the course are Bushfullers meaning status in this case are seen as knowledge and influence. At the same time, the very bush fallers are expecting the knowledge from someone called the UN. Thé UN include Cameroon who is seen by the very sufferers as not trustworthy. The only trustworthy person is someone who is European. Meaning sufferers don’t even know what they are suffering from nor their own history or their own identity hence expecting someone who has no idea of who you are to remind you of the truth! Is this not the definition of illiteracy by those calling others illiterates!

The dilemma here is the fact that sufferers and sympathisers want dialogue. How can you dialogue with people of diverse opinions and no concrete evidence to justify the impact of believes. Who can lead the dialogue process when those working in good faith are labelled as paid LRP agents and treated with contempt by others? What is the purpose of the dialogue when people who will attend any reasonable level of knowledge will be labelled as illiterates, traitors and enemies of the very struggle they are fighting for?

Imagine giving independence to this type of people who see opposing views among themselves as espionage, traitors and paid agents against their course! Imagine giving independence to people who openly insult those who were unfortunate to make it to University and Europe as illiterates simply because they have developed a sense of reality!

To those who are still in doubt of the reasons of the collapse of the two state federalism or who want to blame the state or see it as an act of injustice planned by the central government against someone called anglophone, what are you seeing within the very people who claim to be anglophones now?

To be honest with anyone of you, if we claim to be knowledgeable, rational and have virtues, independence to Southern Cameroon is like lighting fireworks on a ship carrying tones of jet-fuel, petrol and kerosene on board. Disaster


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