The Perception of Anglophone Zone or English Cameroon Quashed Forever

Don’t be a Pharisee who brainstorm textbook pages, stand in market square holding the book upside down with golden lenses but reading it fluently. Degree in textbook brainstorming and recitation

It takes one man to create history by breaking presumed historical facts. You must break a record to create another. If none of us can break the old perceptions, we will all be sheep under an irrational perception.

If some of us want to carry degrees around preaching nonsense just because they are good at English, remind them that English is not knowledge but a language equal to our tribal languages used to communicate the knowledge. Don’t be one of them but be you who can communicate knowledge in any language backed by evidence. They are Pharisees.

There is nothing as anglophone zone or English speaking zone in Cameroon. It is a 56yrs misunderstanding of terminology. Whatsoever you have been told about anglophone or English etc in a certain part of Cameroon for 56yrs, today I Pas Claudius stand to tell you with facts shred that idea and perception in the bin.

The story goes that at the table of discussed post colonial rule, those that were under French protectorate were called francophone and those under English protectorate we called anglophones. This is wrong history. Point of correction backed by compelling evidence.

If you are not ignorant or just primitive, under Enugu were you an anglophone? Do we also have northern and southern anglophone Nigerians or what history do you claim to know? Nigerian leader does not go around with big empty grammar like your so called Amba leaders who have tried it for 7yrs and failed to explain the meaning of their names to finally revert back to pidgin English. Over book Di worry we. Illiteracy. IT WAS jargons but we are not ashamed of using Christian names but ashamed of using our surnames. Why don’t you replace your family names and surnames so that the world will see you as more English related than others?

The English were never in Cameroon and we didn’t speak English as a people. Here is the truth; the British were the protectorate of British Cameroon of which southern Cameroon was a province. The British were and are currently not English people but their common language was English. Hence, any relationship to do with anglo was and is stil you do with the language.

At independence Cameroonians who were under British protectorate could not communicate in English and today, we are still learning English just like any other African. Hence, I stand to quash the idea and perception of Englishness in Cameroon or anglophone.

When you claimed to be anglophone because your parents could speak English, you are indirectly claiming that anyone who learns to speak a foreign language immediately becomes associated with the nationality of that nation is it true?

Hong Kong was under the British for more than 400yrs compared to 30yrs of British protectorate rule yet they are Chinese, not anglophones and don’t claim to be English China. East Germany was under Soviet rule for 45yrs yet are not Russians but Germans why are you not Cameroonians but anglo English Cameroonians? West Germany was under the United state for 45yrs and are still Germans and speaking German. Germans are very at English but don’t claim to be American. Why just us!

Is it because we are too dull? Is it because we are ignorant or is it because we don’t want to break records! Or do we conceive English as knowledge!


Sending francophone to Banso who can’t speak English is a problem but Banso people don’t speak English so what is not a problem to Wirba! Wirba is the problem.

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