The Notion of Francophone and Anglophone Cameroonians Explain to All Cameroonians.

Wanna feel say for learn French and English Na for some other man he benefit. We are blessed to have the opportunity to learn both languages in Cameroon.

Cameroon has two international recognised languages: English and French adopted from the history of the Cameroon. This languages have nothing to do with France and England respectively. Confusion one addressed.

If you leave a child on the street of Yaoundé without any formal education, the child will speak French. If we leave the same child in Bda, the child will speak pidgin. Do we need to go to school to understand the meaning of this! Confusion two addressed.

To those who want food to be chewed for them. It means we have a French speaking community or zone hence we can say %100 that we have a francophone zone in Cameroon. On the contrary, we don’t have an anglophone zone. Confusion three explained.

We learn and use this languages for our own good in an always shrinking world. We can decide to adopt Chinese today. Will it mean we have become Chinese with Chinese culture! Of course no. Why is it just us the people of the NW and SW making such petulant claims of Englishness in the whole world? Ignorance.

Might be some people feel shy to speak pidgin in the public. Pidgin is a recognised language. Pidgin an English are like Italian and Spanish. To the best of my knowledge, we hardly hear people fighting for anything to do with France contrary to those who perceive themselves as anglophone etc.

Finally, do not confused civil law to France perception connotation. Civil law is older than common law and although we attribute common law to the British, civil law is well embedded in the British legal system. To conclude to the understanding of all Cameroonians, Europeans did not introduce us to any legal system. They introduced us to the terminology to describe what has been practiced in our communities for centuries. Europeans brought nothing new to us but tripped us of all we had living us fighting for vanity in the name of English culture, anglo Saxon, common law etc. All nonsense.


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