The Perception of 2 Cameroons Quash To Enlighten All.

Someone must question something for contrary views to surface. In a society of no questions, the inhabitants are more or less sheep brain in human skulls.

The story goes that two Cameroons came together to form a Union of equals. Who told you this story and why have you spend your entire life in the classroom only to graduate like a sheep! The sellout is in the terminology. We all know that Cameroon had re-unification. Do you need a degree to know the meaning!

Let us presume propagandist are right and I am the illiterate, here is the facts Authenticated by history acknowledged by all, the trusteeship was between British and French Cameroon. Are you claiming British Cameroon is British Southern Cameroon! You must be an educated illiterates because northern British Cameroon was not a country nor Yola or Njimita why just British southern Cameroon. All the names constituted British Cameroon and British Cameroon was never a state on her own right nor French Cameroon but both were a state under two different administrations.

That is why we had just one independence complicated by the British who were trying to lure us to join their child Nigeria. The plan partly work and we lost our brothers in the north to Nigeria over a promise of one Land Rover to every chiefdom. Land Rivers that are still to seen today. The British were not trustworthy and are still not willing to do so today.

Why do some of us waste our days in school to pickup degrees in conformity and illiteracy eh! Only the truth will set us free. I am Bda, I am a man of virtues. I don’t take pride in what I do or happy with the current situation or state of our country. Of what good will lies, stupidity, propaganda make the situation better?

Are we not fighting for the truth! Justice can only prevail when the evident truth is acknowledged. Don’t judge me but judge what I have said with contrary evidence.


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