Sisiku and the Nera 10 said, history was on their side. Hon Wirba and the SCNC cohort made this charismatic claims. How disappointed will they be upon seeing contrary evidence from the British achieves of Amba hopes!

The truth must prevail. If the truth goes against my wants and will, it is but rational. Without the truth Amba propagandist and the brainwashed will keep killing a generation with illiteracy.

We have found what Wirba infiltrated SDF looking for. Many will be unhappy seeing the truth destroying their dreams but justice can’t prevail without the truth.

Amba propaganda destroyed by 2 authentic pictures of the history. The truth is the SCNC sword and it is piecing Amba hearts ♥️ with ease because they are stain with bloody lies. We must killed the propaganda and the lies. We must clean the blood Amba has been accumulating in the name of fighting for the truth.

I am the true son of Bda serving the mass with nothing but the truth. The truth does not kill but see how many Amba has killed with lies.

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