What is Amba Really Fighting For! Unveiling The Mask to Reveal Emptiness. The Wirba- Sisiku Fall from Grace.

How will this Amba violence address anyone’s personal problem? Of what good is this to your individual problem. If someone has the means to address that problem why can’t they do it now! Who is stopping them and how?

SCNC was a group of frustrated Cameroonians of the formal southern Cameroon province of British Cameroon who wanted to champion their own course based from I HEAR SAY. They Heard A and Concluded B and wanted B to be the truth. Today, we have a false perception of the British being good people to us. Nonsense, point to just one good brick of the British across Cameroon? Many of us today think we were in good harmony under Nigeria as a British Cameroon province. Amba propagandist

Many brainwashed people believe Amba is fighting for independence. Bushfullers have come up with some elaborate scam drawn from SCNC propaganda to fool the ignorant mass into early grave. Hon Wirba was an SCNC militant who like many infiltrated SDF because their primary objective was power. They wanted to create their own country so that they could become ministers. Pa Tassang is a typical example. Because of his ego to become a minister or a recognised figure, the Upstation dialogue failed.

Eyeing the opportunity Wirba took central stage vowing to proof injustice in accordance to SCNC propaganda. SCNC believed even the abolishment of two state federalism that cordially informed by us was an act of marginalisation by the central government.

He went on self exile but felt the need to returned to Yaoundé to vindicate SCNC lies and propaganda but nothing. He escaped abroad to join the other SCNC militants abroad and help fish out the evidence from the UN and the United Kingdom .

Since all channels felt to materialise, Wirba just like all other SCNC militants who championed the Amba course are today nowhere to be seen or heard. Apart of Facebook noise and 24/7 fake promises, since 2015 to today, what evidence has SCNC or Amba brought forward from the International community or Cameroon. Every venue has been exploited and nothing tangible has come out to vindicate Amba leaving them with just one venue. Terrorism and hatred toward themselves, facts and reality

If you you truly believe in the independence, who is going to deliver it for you and how! Can’t you read and write like them! Don’t you know the address of the UN? Even if you have a PhD, once you mingle with empty vessels, you are an empty vessel. This is clearly a war of illiteracy fuelled by well educated people who lack knowledge.

Self determination is a problem solution aspect of international law. The problem is beyond the mother nation hence the solution is self determination. Or the people unilaterally and democratically decide to opt for that pathway.

In our case, what is that problem? Secondly, we have never have a democratic decision on that pathway.

Some claim the history justify the means but I am here to tell you that the history can only be vindicated with evidence. The most important evidence in this case is our parents and grandparents parents identification.

Put forward your grand parent’s birthday certificates and ID card let us see who was not born in Cameroon or used it to determine whether the NW and SW commonly referred to as Southern Cameroon was not a province of the greater Cameroon.

We want justice but when the truth is presented against our perceptions and wants, barbarism becomes the norm. Fighting the truth is a clear demonstration that Amba is a bunch of frustration seeking power mongers who thought lies could champion justice.


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