People who label themselves as anglophones are their own problems. In Cameroon when they are in a position of authority, they claim to be only figure heads. When they are assistants, they complain why. Let us go back to federal status when you were heads of departments and assistants, what did you achieve as a baseline for comparison? Nothing.

Today, what is the complains against? In truth, something must be a base upon which comparisons are made. You claim to have been better off before independence. What did you achieve for yourselves prior to re-unification as a baseline for comparison? Nothing.

Under federalism, what did you achieve under your own abilities as a baseline for comparison? Nothing. Therefore, what is the the baseline upon which the so-called anglophones are complaining?

We can’t make comparisons based on Europeans or some assumptions without a ground base.

We can’t use theory beyond our practical ability to judge others without judging ourselves. That is just fantasy world.

I am Bda so people should not see my perception as ignorant. I have no affiliation to the government hence people should not stereotype or prejudice. When we have a perception of problems we dig deeper to make sense. Finally, we want solutions and peace after our own self inflicted destruction. How will this enhance anyone’s life position.

Let us go back to up station 2015 and the list of problems tabled by Pa Tassang & co, what has not been addressed and how has it influence anyone’s life? The government has addressed almost all hence what is the Canada dialogue for and what can it achieve to the benefit of the ordinary man? Nothing meaning anglophone problem is all fantasy

If anyone can demonstrate how this peace will enhance our position then we have a problem. Why should it be lead by a white person and not us Cameroonians? Because we see ourselves as inferior in reason and problem management.

WHY Are we complaining


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