The Awakening Of Ambazonia Judgement

Advice to Amba

If you are what you claim to be and acting on what you claim to represent, It will be an honour for the seek of followers and well wishers if you can do yourself one true justice.

Why do we believe in using force to deliver change? great things are achieved through force or violence but by reason force of character and judgement. I am not against Amba but against their reason, character and judgement. Let’s us crack on.

Overcome your differences and come up with one force of knowledge and reason. Through that force demonstrate to yourself and your followers what you want to achieve for them, how and how it will advance their living standards, economic situation and when. This is to demonstrate that you are truly out to show the world how bad Cameroon is to you and how good you can advance that part of Cameroon beyond the current standards.

In your directory, explain how you will fund your projects without stampeding on the state of freedoms, human rights and liberties you claimed to be able to deliver in 2016 ( utopian society)

Demonstrate how egalitarianism will be attended to ensure any group or people do not feel marginalised or oppressed

This will vindicate your plight for freedoms and justice. In your directory, explain how you will conduct your democratic elections to the acceptance of all and how meritocracy will be practiced to the acknowledgment/ acceptance of the knowledgeable, the talented, the skilful who all see themselves as suitable candidates for any political wisdom.

To the common man, political wisdom does not come solely on the academic platform. Even a farmer who can demonstrate the meaning of his farm and the relevance to the world of today in public and on a piece of paper can lead the professor of agriculture in a school of thoughts.

I will draw one conclusion based on the exhibit and using Eto’s political manifesto as a point of reference. My honourable friend Chris Anu said, when he becomes president his billionaire friends will pump money. How much has Eto pump in from his personal account just to build Bda stadium?


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