Facts OF ENGLISH CAMEROON we MUST acknowledge with grace & not furry.

Shithole is you and not your country

The perception people have of you is the image you present to them. If you present yourself as an inferior person, people will treat you as an inferior person. Europeans treat us as inferior because we present ourselves as inferior people.

English Cameroon does not exist. We learn 2 speak English just like a Chinese learning to speak English with 1 difference. We made it a national language.

When we claim English this and that, anglophone, anglo Saxon etc, don’t you realised that you are in a colonial ship unaware and in denial? Even mighty USA does not want to acknowledge they are speaking English English so why you? We are still colonised mentally.

Fighting for common or civil law, English or French system of education is a way of undermining yourself at the international stage. You are simple telling the very colonial masters and reinforcing the mythical idea the took back to Europe of discovery you in bushes living with monkeys without a language, culture, legal system, education etc. You are accepting the perception within ordinary Europeans that their forefathers meet you naked on trees and clothed you. Is it true? You are the very first person to be vex when Europeans treat us as inferior people.

Why do we pretend to hate colonial rule but happy to embrace colonial mentality! It is time we decolonised ourselves and free ourselves. These are facts. The French still exist today, they were in Cameroon and are still there. The British empire does not longer exist, has never been in Cameroon. We have nothing in common with England and speaking English is because we decided to adopted the language. This is to clear the confusion of assimilation by some of our ignorant brothers and sisters.

Some body from France is French and somebody from England is an English man. We in Cameroon are Cameroonians. A British man is not an English man. I want to ask all Cameroonians, do you really want to claim an English connection more than those who were colonised by the British! How?

The fact that we had an encounter with the British empire and the French does not garantie any special relationship and privileges with those countries. I for once does not even want this relationship. We need a relationship with France equal to China and any relationship should be on the bases of the language but mutual understanding and acceptance.

We should stop forcing ourselves into people who don’t care about us. If we are to exist on those axis, who in this world does not have a colonial past?

The fact that we are learning to speak English does not mean we have any relation with England. Of course England has nothing to do with us. Italy is not the Roman Empire so England is not the British empire. These are facts we should acknowledge with grace

I am Pas Claudius d great. A true Bda man made in Cameroon. I am against colonial rule and will fight to liberate all of you. I am the truth, the light and the pure water for all.

When facts and the truth are presented, someone will try to challenge simple because they are graduates of academic knowledge. For your information, do not attempt to challenge me but challenge the facts on the table to be respected in the kingdom of the sane and the school of rational knowledge.


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