The Anatomy of Amba Atrocities.

Gorilla warfare is fought out of the communities of your people to ensure their safety is guaranteed. Why is Amba gorilla warfare instigated and fought but in your bedrooms?

There is a blind view in circulation of military killing us. There is a sighted unspoken view by the sane examining all blind views. In the blind view , the government declared war on the people and the people have right to self defence.

Here is the sighted view in according to the international view of knowledge and reason. Firstly; Amba war strategy was to create a refugee crisis to gain the attention of the international community. The next strategy was to create chaos and a scenario for the world to see the military and the government as against someone called anglophone. How was Amba planning to deliver this;

Putting the puzzle together, SCNC/Amba planned used protest as a strategy to stage the anglophone ideology the exploited the opportunity to declare a war of federalism and or total independence but quickly went on the defence claiming war was declared on them. Next, almost all atrocities are committed in areas where Amba militia is operational. Why?

Reason to see the traitor: can anyone explain why the military will cross communities from Santa to Mankon right to Oku or Banso and beyond before launching a counter offensive? If the military was killing us, they would have started in Santa killing us. This is not the case so what is really going on?

Taking us to one question; who is killing us?

Reason point to Amba. The atrocities are an Amba war strategy to lure the international community and to place the government as being against us. However, the strategy couldn’t work in practice but the damage has been done.

Collateral damages are just what Amba wanted to use to stage her war strategy and to give the population a notion of the military killing us.

Instigating violence and using the population to stage atrocities against the government must be condemned. I am not saying that the government or military is an angel but I am basically exposing the blind view so that each and everyone is sighted.

Wars are fought going outward protecting the people you claimed to represent. Why is Amba war fought going backward into the people you claimed to protect?


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