English Cameroon DOES NOT EXIST.

This is a fact of reality we cannot contest. English is spoken in Cameroon just as in Germany and France. Pidgin is not English & is spoken all over Cameroon but more importantly in the NW, SW & LT provinces.

English is a white collar language in Cameroon and the majority of speakers and users are from the NW and SW owing to the facts that it is the formal language of the education system.

Without any formal education, no Cameroonian will speak English within the country contrary to French. Although, English is the language of the education system in the NW and SW, English is not the language spoken in these part of Cameroon but pidgin English. This is where the confusion, perception of English Cameroon comes.

Pidgin is a unique language spoken in many countries ( especially former British colonies). All these colonies share something in common. English is their official language but pidgin is their language. Pidgin language is not standardised in Cameroon because it is not officially acknowledge by the state and is not formally taught in schools. It is a language cultured from within.

Cameroonians especially of the NW and SW hold a perception of pidgin as a inferior language not to associate with. Pidgin is a language equal to Spanish and Italian.

We are a pidgin speaking community. Therefore, English cameroon does not exist.


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