A message to the population of the NW & SWATROCITIES

Amba plans backfiring to their disbelief.

All the atrocities, desecration,refugees, misery etc inflicted on the population was a plan act by Amba leaders to create chaos and attract international attention to their independence cause.


When innocent pple are being killed, chased out of their home, how could they have the time to take videos of their killers, pictures of the invading killers? Human instinct is always to run for safety but only in Amba world thé human instinct is always missing. Secondly, why are Amba boys in bushes refusing to go through safe gates provided by the state?

They are mostly hardened criminals we freed from prisons who rather die than return to prison. The safe passage is like a gateway back to prison.

The refugee crisis was planned and executed by consortium leaders Tapang and Mark Bareta who knowingly and deliberately misled the population to flee from an imminent military attack that was never to be nor have we had any unprovoked military attack. The very fleeing population was then used for propaganda purposes by the very leaders over a 3yrs period.

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