If I am wrong, those who think the contrary should demonstrate what they can’t do now that can only be done under the brand Amba and why. People should learn to seek meaningful practical knowledge of theoretical perceptions. Yes people have rights to their perception worth respecting so long as they respect the views of others morally. However, in politics, it is not about perception but reason into why your perception should take centre lead. That is how you separate facts from fantasy and the sane from the insane radicals. To that,

Some Ambas might might have the interest of the mass at heart and may have useful information to benefit the mass but the whole manifestation is full of irrational decisions against the mass. The whole saga is nonsense staged by some using daily occurrences Amba can’t address to create problems in the name of freedoms and self determination. You claimed to be called names in yde equally as you are called names in Kumba but this is a certain fact; to called someone from Mbouda Bamilike is a stereotype ( unaware insult) but to label yourselves English or anglophone community is a detriment of knowledge by an educated PhD holder. Which is an act of stupidity and which is an act of ignorance?

Cameroon just like any African country had political independence not full independence but Cameroonians never had independence at all especially those who were under British trusteeship. It is but rational for some to hold colonial perception as if it was the reality of today because they didn’t fight for colonial liberation to understand the difference.

Ambazonia hold such perception but claims to be fighting to liberate people by aligning you towards an Anglo based ideology/ British based perception. That is the perception of an enslaved person tunnelling their way into further slavery instead of tunnelling their way into freedoms and resume their true identities. What is the relevance of Anglo Saxon culture to the well being of an ordinary Cameroonian today? What is the relevance of English language in a society that need jobs, better infrastructure etc of what benefit is common law to a farmer in the NW who wants his case heard not listed as common or civil case?

Under colonial rule of enslavement, we were known as British and French….. Of what benefit was this alignment with the colonial masters to our communities? If there was any benefits and equality of human treatment, people won’t have fought for their liberation.

How can an African today, be fighting for liberations by trying to hang on to the worse ideology against fellow human beings in the modern age! That means we don’t know our left or right. We are still very confused of the past experiences and the present.

Do we really have knowledge to govern ourselves as people who know their history, their needs and seeking a better future for the society or we are playing with our souls and brains to proof nothing by claiming we know best!.


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