Enlightening Amba voices.

Don’t make assumptions you can’t justify or claims you can demonstrate with evidence


We are anglophones, we are Southern Cameroonians, we are Ambazonia etc langage of Pharisees.
I am bilingual because I speak my dialect and Mankon or my dialect and pidgin. Cameroon is bilingual of French and English but I am not hence I am not and anglophone or francophone but a Cameroonian.

Being a Cameroonian is legal and can be demonstrated in my birth records recognised by the international community embedded in law.

When I write facts, some brainwashed radical will try to discredit with degrees in frustration. Self determination is defined in law, demonstrated by any group of people. Yes Amba is a group of people but they claim to represent the NW & SW province of Cameroon. How and when did we come to this agreement?

Remember, some people (SCNC AGENDA) have had more than 2 all anglophone conferences, more than 3 Amba conclaves, symposiums etc but have never defined defined how they are representing the people of the NW or SW but dwelled on assumptions passed on through misinterpretation of historical facts. SCNC has never defined how they are the voice of the people of the NW and SW except a belief in enforcing their nostalgia and laying claims to that.

What we can all agree on is the foundation of the so-called anglophone problem stems from SCNC hence SCNC hold the key to understanding what an anglophone problem and the root causes. We have had more attention to this from within than before yet the question is still unanswered. Apart of citing historical irrelevant material that has no bearing on any single individual, What is an anglophone problem and how does it affects you or your community more than any other Cameroonian in Baffoussam the neighbouring town??

Back to reality, from an assumption or perception you created an enemy labelled LRP and declared a war of liberation. You declared independence and adopted your own identity with a government and currency. Why is depriving you from going around with your Amba passport in Europe? What freedoms are you fighting for again and against who?

So my question to Amba fanatics and anarchists, how do you DEFINE THE WE you are claiming to represent? When did you make any consent informed agreement with the various villages to become their mouthpiece on matters regarding their identity not as Bali people but anglophones, southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia?

I am from Sudan and you are from southern Sudan but we are Sudanese. Hadrian wall divided Roman Britainia and England is not Roman but English and the Scots remain Scots. So what historical links are Amba claiming that nobody else can claim?


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