Explaining the Misconceptions of Englishness in Ignorant Cameroonians Aka Ambazonia

This facts will trouble many Amba and the notion of English Cameroon supporters. The British used a common language English but their colonial policy was purely of superiority against inferior subjects. They left nothing of themselves behind as if they wanted to erase their presence in Africa and their own barbaric actions against fellow human beings

They ensue their subjects benefited nothing from them but they wanted to exploit the subjects to their bones. Look across all British colonies in west Africa as far as the north,name just one that is English speaking today?

One will think it was a bad policy against the French the other dominant force at the time but you are wrong. The French had a policy of assimilation. Today, it is a byword of marginalisation in Cameroon against presume English people but the background was more human.

The French wanted to turn their subjects to French citizens and so many Africans did become French citizens. That explains why the French are still in Africa today. So those who don’t understand why should learn today. They came with human instinct from another angle of things but a bad idea. The British policy gave us an opportunity to create a new language called pidgin. Pidgin in my opinion should be rename Africano to give the language the merit it deserves at the international stage. It it à language spoken as far as the Caribbean by millions of people. Estimate should be around 500 million based on Nigeria’s population alone. It is mostly spoken by people of African descent. By 2050, pidgin will be the dominant language spoken in Cameroon.

You can kill French and English in Cameroon but you will never kill pidgin because pidgin defines us whether you speak it or not. We are forced to learn English and French but pidgin comes naturally.

Countries like India, China, Japan, Germany do not have the problems of language faced by many Africans especially Cameroonians because they had a unified language prior to foreign occupation. The problem of Africans today is the legacy of colonial rule and decolonisation of the African mentality. Until Africans accept their true identity they will always find themselves in an inferior inferno at the international stage. English, French, German etc are all dialects equal to your dialects.

Imagine if thé French and English adopted the same policy, it would have destroyed African heritage to our detriment. Yes we speak French and not English today but thanks to that, we can retrace our history and regain our freedoms fully.

When will we de colonised ourselves? This is the central problem amplified to become an anglophone problem

The British were not a single country and didn’t one us inferior African to inherit even their language so why are we forcing ourselves into them today 6 decades after they left?


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