Advice to the people of the NW & SW.

We can all talk, we can all laugh on social media but one advice to all, know your limits. Hon Wirba knew his limits and when his game was up, he ran for safety. Amba leaders know their limits hence won’t endanger their life for you. They are hiding abroad and encouraging you to catch the bull by it horns, a task none will undertake.

Know your limits and don’t be their sacrifice. All Amba generals killed, what did they achieve? Name any compensation package being offered by those abroad to their families? None. Don’t be a victim of vanity.

Don’t be fooled into committing atrocities against Cameroonun because Cameroon is us. Your atrocities will be against us.

I am not against you but I am for you. Let those with ears listen and those with brains interpret. Have you forgotten the parable of the doctor and his patients? Crying is not a demonstration of a problem. People still die without crying.

God Bless us, God Bless Cameroon.

I am Pas Claudius de Great voice of rational truth. The truth may hurt but consoling. No pity was a father like any other Amba leader abroad. He had children who wanted to grow up just like the children of Cho Ayaba, Chris Anu, Tapang Ivo, Mark Berata etc

It is time to call this off.

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