Ambazonia Claims Are Dangerous even to US


If we use reason to understand the claims of SCNC/Amba that fuelled this crisis we would see that it can only work to our detriment. Amba claims ONLY FEDERALISM OR FULL INDEPENDENCE will address the problems. HOW?

Are they claiming under federalism people from across the NW & SW will be required by law not to work in other parts of Cameroon to avoid marginalisation?

Let us put this in a reality context. How many francophone teachers and civil servants were working across the NW in comparable to the north westerners working out of NW?

Next, the common law. In all villages across the NW, what law is use daily to address problems? As a civilian in the NW, what is important, the evidence you present to back your case or the nature of the sentencing? At times we reason. In truth, the English legal system rely heavily on evidence which is the backbone to civil law. Common law has it weight but that is only relevant after.

Next: Anglo Saxon system of education. What is the relevance and where is it currently being practiced in this world?

Next, you claimed people are held without charges. True contrary to what country? You are held depending on the risk of absconding even in the USA with DNA profiles and address logs.

Next, who is in dispute that we had a trusteeship under the British empire as British Cameroons and not Southern Cameroons. Trusteeship means guardians of our resources not the people who were already Kameruns. If we acknowledge this simple facts, what is this problem of identity again. Hence, how could Southern Cameroons a province of British Cameroons become a nation on her own merits?

Next the plebiscite, did the government of Cameroon at the time organised a plebiscite on your behalf? The answer is no. Why do you blame Cameroon for anything regarding the plebiscite? If you were a nation at the time and not Cameroonians or Nigerians, why didn’t you protest against it? Why did you vote? Did any of your leaders protest against the plebiscite itself? No meaning you knew exactly what you were engaging in hence what is your problem today?

Next the federal system. It was not a union but a reunion and it was not of equals because west Cameroons had 4:1 veto powers making it impossible to be abolished by the central government so can any of you explain how it was abolished without your full consent? Did any of your leaders refused to travel to Yaoundé in protest? Did any resigned in protest? Did any go on exil in protest? Answer no meaning we agreed 100% to the abolition hence what is going on today? ​

If I am wrong, how will Amba process similar situations if they were a nation? I am happy they have a constitution upon which to pull out the utopian solutions. If Amba leaders are representing you then the leaders who represented you in the past did their best and you MUST acknowledge them with grace rather than the current frustration. Except you want to reason upside down.

I am Pas Claudius d great. I am Bda and a man must have virtues to be a real man. The Truth even if it goes against your will. We should all applaud to our honourable brother Minister Atanga Nji for standing on this simple truth.


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