You are condemning the government, can’t you be an aide worker? We are the government so your actions constitute the actions of the government. Natural disaster cross help boundaries and bring communities together.

However, in our case in Cameroon we always focus on preaching and expecting help from someone called the state. It is rational but we shouldn’t forget something, we are the government.

We only hear Amba voices when it comes to doing supporting evil in the communities in the name of Good Samaritans. Where it matters, when it matters, insult becomes your diverting tactics. Where is the better alternative now? Where is the Wirba force to support those in need? Where are Amba leaders voices coordinating relief efforts? No where to be heard.

In 2016, thé Amba condemned the state just as you are doing today and promised the best to the people. Many accepted and join the Amba course.

Here is that question: where is the best Amba promised and those who accepted the called, if you are good in heart, why are you not an aide worker on the ground helping. That is the test all of you have failed.

Always remember Hurricane Katrina and thé USA help before condemning your own country. Natural disaster are best organised and funded through charitable organisations and humanitarian groups.

This crisis is showing us cracks in our system, our communities, our perceptions and will as an African country but should we condemn? The answer is no and Hurricane Katrina is my judge to demonstrate insanity in those making claims and indulging in insult. I did not say Cameroon is doing any better but looking at those criticising and those promising without a base and those doing nothing but expecting from others, it is worth speaking the truth. Is it the entire SW affected? The answer is NO. Where is the relief effort organised from within the SW? Nothing. Where is that organised by the NW or any other part of Cameroon, nothing. Who is the state you are all looking upto to deliver?

There is something called insurance for citizens so that when disaster happened, there is someone responsible for your property and not the state although the state help is the guide. Remember the government disaster relief is tax payer funded. We are the tax payers not funding but championed critics. How many of you have organised any fund raising opportunity to help victims even in your local community and meeting groups? None

When the truth is spoken some clumsy Amba will make chattering noises.

To all Amba, remember you promised the best alternative and you have failed here. Proving you are all empty noise makers luring innocent youths to early graves.

This is what an alternative should look like. Aide groups from the NW rushing to deliver hand on help to the SW to confirm this anglo alliance you are dwelling on.

Next, Amba charitable foundations supported by Amba diaspora to assist, coordinate relief projects and help with personal losses and life reconstruction.

Thirdly, Amba can use gofund to raise money to destroy but can’t use it to raise money to help when it matters

Finally, where is the Amba presence just to empathise with victims?

Amba is no where to be seen demonstrating any form of better alternative was all propaganda.

To that, I want to ask all not focusing on helping but criticising to demonstrate knowledge in their own perceptions.

I am Pas Claudius and thanks to the government for recognising we have a disaster in the SW.


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