To Demonstrating Insanity in Amba Mentality
How Amba Think & Behave is limited to their view of the world.

There was exist a shepherd with a dozen of dogs on leashes tied round his neck at equal length. Bones were within sight of each dog but each dog was expected to wait. As time went by saliva started dripping from each an every dog’s mouth

The more one pulls the more one is strangle in the opposite direction. If all pull simultaneously, the shepherd will be strangled and that is the most likely scenario visible to all today.

With hunger and bones within sight, no matter how hard you preach, one must pull and one must be is nature at work. All spectators can pray, scream, shout at dogs eager to pull but that is no measure of the pressure within the dozen. The more you scream the more confused the gods are and the chances of reacting become greater

Amba don’t want to accept nature but think by praying as they did in 2016-17 and naming their odeshi ordained struggle, God will bend the rules of nature to favour them. A Limited knowledge of nature is a disease of the brain.

See your mentality in the above scenario and ask yourself, in the dozen dogs who should God favour and why. Imagine the shepherd being God and the dogs his children. Will God favour one over the other?

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