I Had A Vision For Amba


I focus on Amba not because Cameroon is perfect nor is it in support of Cameroon. We are here because we have all agreed the country need change. Should we be insulting what we have agreed is in need of change? No we focus on what is being presented as solutions.

When people insult, prejudice, threaten or killed those they disagree with, I start to wonder what direction we really want to go. Look at the infighting even within Amba leaders! Are you happy! I tell you the truth, some of these our honourable brothers and sisters have very good ideas but are being threatened by hard liners to our detriment. We now label some black legs etc.

It is not by say we want federalism or independence that we will advance our personal communities and country but by listening carefully to those who disagree to your own perception and questioning ourselves. All these our brothers calling themselves Amba this and that being threatened by others because they are changing from their harden lines deserve sympathy.

We learn differently and at different times and at different rate. Killing those whose views change early is a detrimental effect. That is how Jesus was killed. He who can’t learn from a nursery school child can never be a teacher of knowledge. He who can’t learn from his adversary will forever be an idiot

Look at the infighting, this is all because we see different views as threats and see the changing views as a threat. Wrong directions. People’s views change over time as the debate and gather more knowledge. Without debate, we are not different to wild beast. Even wild beast sometimes behave better than us when faced with challenging situations.

If we continue in this direction, don’t you see that each and everyone of us will be a threat worth eliminating as Amba is already doing. I tell you the truth, if we continue down this track, even those you call your leaders will be a threat to those expecting and those expecting will be a threat.

Brothers and sisters, we are better than this, it is not because you label yourself an Amba that you are wrong and deserve death. No that is the wrong way forward. We should learn to listen to each other with respect and tolerance.
Amba is just an assign name of further divisions and hate if you are not aware of

I tell all of you the truth, all I have spoken is the truth I have learned from those who see me as a threat and an enemy but I rather speak the truth and creat enmity than be love on a devil platform.

We can only advance when we see knowledge even in dustbin of our adversaries. When we see knowledge in those we see as fools and idiots. If a dog can teach us a new idea, what of a 7yrs old child!

In Europe, every piece of paper is shredded because what is seen by your as junk is another person’s treasure.

My God Bless you

Pas Claudius de great

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