My Travel Across The NW & SW

I came, I saw and I am publishing. The NW has been destroyed by 6 yrs of violence. Aggressive suppression of individual liberties by Amba militants has forcing people out of their villages to safer villages out of the province. This migration is affecting Agriculture the backbone of the North west. Today, Bamenda looks like a stage set for a movie scene.

Education, the emblem of the NW is a shadow of her formal glory. The schools that once fly high with population booming are struggling to survive. The infrastructure is in ruin slowly returning to nature

Economy and network infrastructure is in an appalling state. Some major roads linking towns are almost lost to nature. If this trend continues, in 10 yrs some major roads will be beyond recognition lost to nature taking us back to the 60s

The population of the NW is dropping at a rate never seen before owing to the continuous movement of people from the interior to the towns shifting the balance of the ecosystem. This has great effects on agriculture and the food supply chain across the province. All in all, the province is heading towards desertification

The south west province is on a different projectile with a rapid population increase at an unsustainable rate. This means, it is a safer environment thus attracting those fleeing Amba hotspots in the NW.

The SW is taking a different pathway on this crisis and attack on the province are orchestrated by people from the NW. From our understanding, almost all village heads across the NW and SW are against Amba and they have no political, legal or moral affiliation to Amba. Therefore, I don’t understand on what rationale Amba claims of representation of the set people.

From my observation this crisis was well planned and executed aided by natural human forces. All Amba leaders past and present have two branches; University of Buea (UB) connections and SCNC connections. All have SCNC ideology and the majority are ex UB students between 1995- 2010. This tells us that Ambazonia is just a rebranding of the banned SCNC. It is no coincidence that the name Amba came to light within the early days of the struggle and the movement of leaders was within the same group of people. This tells us that UB was an SCNC cartel breading ground.

This also explains why leaders such as Pa Tassang kept adding demands seeking assurances from cartel members abroad. This explains why the famous banner seen here explicitly seeks certain demand ( federalism or total independence). This explains why Amba leaders blocked all negotiations that were not inclusive of a return to federation or total independence. All in all, it was all stages years priors

With all this information, it can be concluded that all these atrocities were well planned years ago and the Teachers/lawyers strikes was just an SCNC exhibition.


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