Can any of you tell me what this UB SCNC cartel is all about? Anyone can talk but not anyone can defend their own views. I tell each and everyone of you the solemn truth, we can decide to keep ourselves entertained through Amba conformity or face the truth seen by all at the international stage and the wise among us. Here is not just the truth but the reality.

Knowledge does not change but reason rewrite knowledge. I am here to demonstrate reason and not knowledge in all Amba. Reason guides us to the truth. The truth an Amba enemy of conscience. Amba is like a drug cartel recruiting young innocent, ignorant kids and making empty noise on social media.

If Amba could not put up a tent to house just one victim of the flood in Buea, can they build just a classroom for nursery school children? Wars are not charitable organisations that you think Gofund can deliver nor do political parties lack structure. What is this UB SCNC cartel called Amba?

Let me make this solemn statement to Amba, if you are men, women of good character & judgement, practice it within your household so that we can all see , belief and follow your example. There is no Amba household without one member working for your alibi LRP. You have made LRP your enemy right!

There is no Amba leader without a family member back home and there is no Amba leader/member abroad without means to land on ground.

You should do yourselves justice as righteous leaders. Expel all members of your family working for LRP as leaders of conscience, knowledge and justice. You can’t be dining with your enemy by night and fooling the mass by day

Amba declared independence since 2017, promising all a better opportunity. Why are you still abroad if you were truthful to your words?

I tell all of you the truth, all of you should do yourselves justice including those hiding in Yaounde, Douala and safer town etc, go back to your villages. Amba militants are your brothers, you support them and believe in them hence they mean no harm to you nor your families. Why are you not doing just that to vindicate your own preaching?

Prior to declaring your war of independence, you have developed your own currency and identity, if you honest and just to your followers, why are you not using this particulars abroad. Is it LRP against you?

If Amba has the means to conform to their preaching, repatriation fees, resettlement means are nothing therefore, why are all of you still working and living in LRP when you claim it is not your country? You are welcome to go back to the NW where Amba will resettle all of you plus.

Why are you not doing that? I don’t talk for fame or attention but to remind all of the nonsense you carry around in the name of Ambazonia.

I am Pas Claudius, I speak undisputed facts. If you are learned, or believe in your degree, critics my statement for the whole to see.


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