Who does not remember the innocent officer who was paraded naked brutally beaten before brutally chopping of her head while happily videoing in the name of Amba? Who does not remember the innocent lady whose head was displayed by Amba for dating a man in uniform? Who does not remember the charred remains of an innocent baby being carried around, who does not remember the innocent little kill shot in the SW, who does not remember the man being buried alive, who does not remember part of secret heart college on fire, amour mezam business, caterpillars at Akum etc all in the name of Amba and the military chasing after Amba? All these crimes were firmed and shared by the very Amba that claims there is a genocide and they are victims. May their souls rest in peace and my sincere condolences to their families and all affected families

If we are God’s children and we go to church daily and every Sunday, where is our moral judgement? Look at yourselves in the mirror and judge yourselves, your actions and what you have supported for over 7yrs. Shameful.

I reiterate my voice to the mass, if Amba leaders truly represents the people sincerely, they should come forward let us get the ball rolling. Reason is not in words but in your own actions. Wrongs are the actions influenced by the words and not the perceptions. Problem are not in the wording but in the experience to that I will ask you, how is this anglophone problem affecting you differently from someone in Mbouda and how is independence or federalism going to stamp that, feelings, perceptions etc out once and forever?

When I look at Amba rangs, I see everyone claiming innocent and the military the same. When we hold arms we are the powerful Amba. When killed we become the innocent civilians. Remember MANCHO was also an innocent citizen working for his people until it was proven he was a member of the UB SCNC cartel.

Is there anyone of us without the ability to insult! Is there anyone who can’t say this is wrong? Justice is your own judgement against your views, perception and actions! We have all heard the lists of Cameroon wrongs against someone known as anglophone(s) but what are the rights of Anglophone (s) against Cameroon? What are the rights of Amba against Anglophone and the wrongs against Cameroon? Remember, Amba presented herself as the ordained? as the better alternative right! Has Amba ever acknowledge any wrongs against you or the set Cameroon? Are we claiming the people of the NW and SW are angels? Did Amba declare war on Cameroon and yourselves? 6yrs post independence, Amba still claims self defence over a war declared on them?

What justice is Amba seeking, what justice are you seeking when you can’t even acknowledge your own wrongs to demonstrate justice? I am not against your perception of wrongs or right, but on what rational do you judge your predecessors wrong to correct their mistake and how? On what rational do you judge yourself sane and them insane? What criteria are you using today that won’t be used against you tomorrow so that we can both use it rationally? Have you ever thought the same of our parents in the 20s!

I will call to the attention of all that, Amba does not kill but we have people, cartels, organised gangs using the name to bring carnage on the people. No Pity hide behind Amba to burn down Oko market. Armed militia hide behind Amba to use our children nudity in the SW for their sexual gratification. Because of Amba, young innocent civilians were deprived in Ngarbuh, in the name of Amba, civilians limbs were chopped off. In the name of Amba Amour Mezam a private bus company was in flames, in the name of Amba caterpillars tarring the Bda- Mbouda road were burnt down etc

I won’t say much to evoke memories of atrocities in thousands of families

In the past, Amba claimed these criminals were mini Military recuits to tarnish the good will of Amba. I Pas Claudius, an honourable man has this to tell the public, let us do ourselves true justice. Who is against justice and peace?

We all do, let all Amba leaders come out and identify any of their cartels or groups fighting and where so that we can determine those committing atrocities in the name of amba.

Amba wants dialogue but it is mind blowing how this will work. If you are the Amba who wants dialogue, social media was the stage you used to announced your independence hence it can be used as the stage to get the ball going. Why do you need someone in the name of international community when you didn’t need the person upon declaring your independence today? What are you running from or seeking from this person that is beyond our mental capacity?

Let all who want peace and justice come forward and demonstrate reason in their own undertakings so that we can judge others rationally


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