Who should be blamed For the Atrocities?

Who should be blamed For the Atrocities? Ourselves

I am very sorry to say this but the truth most be spoken

Not the government and not Amba leaders but ourselves. When supporting Amba and funding the revolution, who were we supporting to kill? When supporting chaos and making the place ungovernable, whose society were you supporting to destroy?

Did any of us ask Amba, the measures they have put in place to protect us? Did the UB cartel ( Amba leaders) send you to school? Have they ever come to you to ask you what was your problem and making themselves known to you? You can’t just support people because they have promised you. Is that not what scammer do? The Amba leaders are wise scammers and we are just idiots ripping the reward of our stupidity. Stupidity can be a mental disease.

The very dull ignorant claim they are fighting for the truth, how can that be possible! If you are not an educated illiterate, how can you fight for what you don’t know? Who are you seeking the truth from and how will you know this truth? Dullness can kill a generation.

Amba is still talking today because we are not really feeling the pain. It hasn’t reach total tipping point. Amba needs to teach us the real lesson of irrational conformity and obedience and they are doing just that.

Who should we blame? Not the UB cartel you call your leaders, not the government but ourselves for dining with the devil because of frustration. If we were frustrated then Amba is discipling us with a demonstration of the practical meaning of frustration with more misery.

n accordance to the biology, psychology of human instinct, fleeing danger is always the first action when life is threaten. Only in Amba does human instinct disappears giving people claiming to be victims of a crime the time to take videos and share. Are we really that stupid! Is it charm or what? I am not in denial of military atrocities but common brothers why only in areas where Amba is operational?

This must be said, the only way to bring this crisis to and end is education but if it does not work and Amba fighters and leaders are not willing to corporate or share your pain , only one route will solve the problem. The orthodox pathway. Immoral but rational justice. Imagine if they were the victims. Reflect and read how it will look like

let those who are claiming to be Amba fighter become victims, let them feel the pain they have inflicted on others. Amba leaders have family, if your family is not worthy of a life to them, if your family is worthy of sacrificing for them,
deprive their family of that life so that they can feel your pain. Sacrifice their own families so that they can share your pain.

It is not someone called the international community who will teach us moral discipline but us. Yes we have historical problems but of what relevance are this problems to the the world of today? At the end we will be find says the stoic. Enough is enough

I am Pas Claudius de Great. I wish nobody death but we won’t sacrifice millions to serve a few scammers. Nature won’t disagree with this and I think even, Socrates, Cicero, Emmanuel Kant, will agree with me. David Hume will agree with me and all moral thinkers. The population has the right to take measures to safeguard themselves and their families against those who don’t want to respect and values life


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