Sometimes I wonder if Amba is a plaque that has infected people’s brain never to reason. How can Amba be comparing their bad attitudes to Cameroon! Did they not come as the ideal alternative? How good are they as the ideal alternative to the bad cameroon?

This virtuel phenomenon called Amba will always be a reality failure because it is built on society weaknesses, perception over reason. Independence is the solution but what is the problem and how independence address it? We should learn to reason with our brains and not our hearts.

Hate me or like truth. Believer of anglophone problem, can you define this problem and explain how it is affecting you more than someone from Mbouda? No Amba can answer except recite IT WAS meaning you have been groomed into personalising national politics like your personal problem.

To those believers of two Cameroons, it means you are acknowledging you are one Cameroonian refusing his identity. Confusion. Secondly if you are not stupid was the other Cameroons, British Cameroons or northern British Cameroons or French Cameroon? Why do we spend years in school never to understand but brainstorm and recite!

Southern Sudan reason was religion difference clear and visible. What is yours? Your problem is within yourselves so how will your bid address the problem? Marginalisation is rift within the NW different tribes not to talk of South west vs North west hence how will independence address this perception?

The perception of an anglophone problem is untrue. This does not mean disagreeing with regional and personal political differences that will always exist because politics is about the whole.

Let us establish some basic facts for the benefit of those Amba perceived as fools, who is Amba fighting for and how? What is the problem Amba wants to address and how will it benefit you as an ordinary citizen?

I don’t argue with Amba, I give you tasks beyond your mental ability detrimental to your physical health


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