A war of self determination is a war of clear distinctions guided by reason and not groomed perceptions.

Firstly, Amba claimed to be fighting for someone called anglophones. Anglophones are any groups of people who can speak English in Cameroon as per definition. In reality, there is none in Cameroon. The history teaches us that at the table of discuss, those who were speaking English ( perceived to be those under the British) were identified as anglophone and those under the french as francophones because they spoke French. However, we don’t speak English hence why accept something that is untrue about yourselves?Ignorance

Secondly, Amba claims to be fighting against marginalisation. Marginalisation is what those with arms are doing to the mass by definition.

Amba claims to be fighting against corruption but corruption is define by the actions Amba MTN money and Gofund.

Amba claims to be fighting against dictatorship but dictatorship is what Amba bush fallers are doing on those on the ground in the name of leadership.

You can list all what Amba claims to be fighting against and you will see it in AmbaDNA hence what is the problem that Amba independence will address and how?

Fighting for Southern Cameroons is just share stupidity because you can’t fight for SCs without fighting for British Cameroons and you can’t fight for BCs without fighting for Greater Kamerun reducing Amba knowledge to 0. It is just a rational proposition that demonstrates your understanding of the history.

To summarise, this simply means we have no distinct case that warrant independence. Federalism to a unilateral state has no effects on any Cameroonians. When you question Amba anglophone perception, they always focus their frustration to tribes (Ewondo , Beto, Bulls) in the name of enmity against someone called francophones. When you speak to a Beti, you get the same problems of marginalisation against Bulu or Ewondo. Worse of all, none identifies as francophones.
This tells us that what you claim as a Anglo problem is a general perception in Cameroonian’s DNA against each other. More to that, it also tells us we have a national identity crisis.

I know some blind radicals in the name of Amba will rush into insult and criticism but here is your case, if Amba was to become a nation, will the national identity be anglophones or southern Cameroonians? Ambazonia is the finger print frustrated anglophones abroad (SCNC) who have recognised this issue and are trying to mask it with an alternative name.

This brings us to one of the issues fuelling the crisis, the notion of anglophone, the willingness and acceptance among non English speakers to be called anglophones and the stereotype Anglo fools. Is the stereotype not a true representation of our misconceptions? Acknowledging contested facts show our willingness to accept reality and learn. Anglophone stereotype is not different to Bamileke stereotype acknowledged as an identity until when examine under scrutiny. Nobody comes from Bamileke just like nobody comes from anglophone but we hear of anglophone communities just as Bamileke communities around Yde but never anglophone community in Bda. When you claim anglophone culture in theory, the reality is totally the opposite. You see different cultures and tribes coming forward. The same applies to Bamilekes proving I am absolutely correct.

We should always recognise the fact that Yaounde is not just the capital or the town but someone’s village Just like we call some came no go in the SW.

I am from Bali, in Bali we are not anglophone although I may be an anglophone. We have Bali culture and not anglophone culture

If I am wrong, my grand father was born in 1918. Just like some of our parents who speak neither french or English, are they not Cameroonians?


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