I am not against anyone but I am against all who have no genuine course that can advance the community. A fight for the truth and justice is a demonstration of a weakness among us. It is and attempt to hide our bad deeds and give ourselves a delusion perception of ourselves. You can’t attend peace by shying away from the truth and reality. A fight for federalism or independence is an illiterate fight because what can’t we do for ourselves now that can only be done under federalism or independence and why?

Any fight against history will never be counterproductive because you are trying to discredit your predecessor as stupid people and yourselves as knowledgeable people. What is the criteria for this judgement which will enable your descendants to see knowledge and not stupidity in you tomorrow? A genuine fight for change can only be when people acknowledge the past with grace and look into real problems affecting us today.

We human have a short term memory and we never appreciate knowledge from within. We should pulse and think for one minute to see reality in action. Prior to 2016, the society was not utopian with problems but if you were in the NW or SW how was your quality of life? What were your expectations of a better alternative? Reflect on it and look at 2023 and beyond, what are your expectations.

If we are truthful to ourselves, we will acknowledge that we are begging to see the society of 2016. However, in 2016, we saw the society as bad. This is explaining something about human beings. If you go to any country affected by a disaster or war, you will get the same feelings. We turn to have hope when advancing a self destructive course without consideration of adverse factors. We always start with A+, destroying A+ with hopes to get into B. Once destroyed -A becomes a big achievement because we forgot where we started.

Today, 2016- will be seen as a better outcome ignoring that it was a bad outcome at the start of this crisis and the more we destroy with hopes of a better future, the more we go backward unaware. When everything will be destroyed, a tent offered by the UN as shelter will be seen as a big achievement and we will praise the UN for their donation and respect them as our saviours. What an ignorant stupid mentality.

If we all ask ourselves one simple question of needs to our communities, we will all acknowledge that the answer won’t be federalism or independence but what can make our lives better. The next question becomes, who do you expect this from? some claim the government. Ask yourselves who the government will expect from? Some say resources. Can resources become money for the start without you? The ANSWER IS NO. What a cycle of confusion.

That should be the focus of any quest for change.

Moving forward, THE TRUTH SEEKERS. If you are provided with the truth today, what will you do with it? Nothing meaning we are confused.

Next, JUSTICE. How will justice in accordance to Wirba aide your personal life? NEVER. You are on the wrong path. We will acknowledge that except you have a direct case against someone proven, you have no case for justice. This is simple rational facts. Justice against the nation is like seeking repatriation from the death.

Finally, what will all this fighting change that will benefit you and how? One question remains for all Amba people to address; where are the good people we claimed to be in 2016?

I am Pas Claudius de Great

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