I have nothing against Frank Biya nor father succession but I want leaders who care about this country and can be seen by day and night throughout their life working for the interest of this country. Quality, ability, determination etc

CAMEROON needs a leader not leadership. It is not about father son but ability to lead. Frank Biya has all the power and means but where is his track record? It is no where to be seen by day or night. Leaders lead by night not day. Frank Biya For President is not seen any where so what are we crafting?

Go to Yaounde and see the state of his village and town. That is the record some of us a trying to promote to lead Cameroon! Are we serious.

We have crisis in Cameroon for almost a decade and a potential leader has never been seen! We should take this movement and supporting agents seriously.

I see no difference between Amba mentality we see as dangerous for Cameroon with this Frank Biya movement. I see no difference between an Amba supporter and a Frank Biya leadership quest supporter. They are both dangerous for Cameroon. If we see Amba supporters as terrorist with arms, the only difference between them and Frank Biya supporters is the arms. If we don’t handle this movement with care, they will soon become more dangerous just like Amba terrorist.

The oracle tell me this, if we let this movement flourish, we are making the same mistake we did with Amba and today they have arms. Tomorrow, Frank Biya supporters will bear arms in the name of the military.

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