The Reason Amba is Our Best Education Ever

What have you learn from this struggle?

1 ARE degrees and titles are not synonymous to common sense! Prior to 2016, bush fallers, titles, degree etc were seen as knowledge. Amba has proven it out the degree holders can be illiterates. People have Phds but known can explain why 1+1 = 2 and not 11 in political undertakings.

2 English language; for decades, even now some people still believe a English language proficiency is synonymous to knowledge. What a perception. Some even misinterpreted the word anglophone to mean an identity of some people in Cameroon to the extent of introducing culture and ethics to the ability to speak the language. Amba has spoken the best grammar abroad but it has no meaning or could they use the language to define and demonstrate their problem. donkeylous mentality. Ask everybody in Cameroonian abroad their identity to hear miracles: Anglo, Franco but ask any other national and listen to sense Nigerian, Ghanéens, congolais etc restoration means replacing something that existed in the form you are claiming.

3 Slave mentality, colonial brains in denial: prior to this struggle and within this struggle almost everyone prayed for White men ( Europeans, Americans) to come to our rescue. Amba fanatics walked half naked just to beg for Europeans. If you are not seeing them superior and you self inferior, why would you expect a human being with guilt and fault like you to command your personal problems and at the same time blaming some of them as the architect of the same problem? If there is a problem in Cameroon history, the architects are the U.K, France, USA, Belgium etc. These countries host almost all Amba leaders. Education without knowledge. Aren’t we the same people blaming our leaders for respecting orders from Europeans? What are you doing contrary? Nothing except blame culture. Common sense.

3 Force without reason. Catalonia proved and reminded us that there is a pathway to self determination and force is not that pathway proven by Scotland. What did amba leaders who are all bush fallers do; pickup arms. Are these educated people willing to learn through reason? The answer is NO. Education not synonymous to common sense

4 Virtues people: prior to 2016 and during the 2016 era, people were given the mentality of anglophones being good people and anyone noted as francophone the bad people. Even now people still see anything French as bad and anything anglophone as good. Amba has proven is wrong. Anglophones ( whatsoever it is) are very bad people. Nothing English is better than anything french. Both are as bad and good as each other.

Let me end here before rain and thunder destroy all Amba presumed knowledge hearts.

I am Pas Claudius Bda gary boy, half book no Phd but everything Europeans can do, we can do it better because their knowledge comes from Africa.


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