The Chronicle Of The Bewildered Ambazonia Independence Impossible?

I strongly believe many supporters and sympathisers of this Amba movement have lost focus and it is time they should be reminded. In 2016, AMBA set out to liberate the land from what they called LRP colonial rule. They claimed Southern Cameroon instead of Southern Cameroons was once a nation and they were willing to sacrifice to the last man to restore their statehood. They claimed to be fighting on the behalf of someone called anglophones. Anglophone in their perception are people who had a colonial relationship with the British empire whose common language was English hence they often refer to themselves as English Cameroon. Anglophone really is in reference to the ability to speak English but there is no village across (NW & SW) the area which was one of two provinces under British Cameroons that actually speak English hence did we really go to school?

From early 2017 Amba embarked on a full international diplomatic campaign throwing all their weight on convincing the international community into supporting their course. They failed to convince even a village leader within the set territory claimed not to be part of Cameroon. We should understand that these villages and their leaders predate Cameroon and if Amba failed to convince them into supporting their course, what makes you think any foreign nation will support the course? Villages are represented by their Fon(s) or Chief (s) hence the inability to convince the head of a village meant Amba was doomed hence explaining why the international campaign was just an exercise campaign showcasing Amba inability to master what constitutes a movement that represents a heterogeneous society. Share stupidity.

From mid 2017 until today, they declared a full blown out war on Cameroon on the behalf of anglophones aka ambazonia. Today, anglophone are Amba target. Anglophones are victims of Amba atrocities, anglophone and the entire Cameroonians of the NW & SW are fleeing to safety to safer provinces of Cameroon from Amba. The question is simple, who is Amba actually fighting for? When did someone call anglophone agree to such independence quest and how? When did Cameroonians of the NW & SW give Amba the power of autonomy to represent them in any political matters?

Today, success and achievements in Amba mentality is the successful killing of one or two soldiers. This means Amba itself has lost focus on their own mission. Today, beheading, kidnapping of the very people Amba set out to fight in their name is an accomplishment meaning Amba does to even remember why they are fighter and who they are fighting for. Stage of frustration.

I am Pas Claudius d great. I have this information for Amba. The first stage of madness is the ability to recognise and acknowledge reality. Reality in this case is this; with or without the history prior to the plebiscite, today, you are Cameroonians, not anglophones or southern Cameroons but the NW and SW province of Cameroon. He or she whosoever denies this reality will forever remain a noe colonial nostalgic slave driven doom to failed on any political matters not embedded in that reality.

This brings us to the contest of common sense. What constitutes Amba legally, who are they fighting for and how? What is the relevance of this staged fighting to anyone across the NW & SW?


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