The Liberation war of Ambazonia to war of subjugation of the People

Any youth who has the perception or believes in Amba war of independence is a clown. How can you be fighting for another independence without sanctioning the first declared by Sisiku & co? If you can’t sanction Sisiku, Wirba, Cho Ayaba, Tapang Ivo, Mark Bareta, Sakho etc for misleading you into declaring a fake independence in the first place then you are nothing but and educate illiterates idiot.

Much has been said and written about this chaos orchestrated by Amba across the NW & SW in the name of war of liberation but nobody is giving Amba insight knowledge of their ignorance dynamics. Who is Amba fighting for and how? How is killing men in uniform who are equal to teachers and doctors in any society going to deliver this independence?

This chaos was not an act of nature but a well planned and executed act by SCNC aka ambazonia. They trained and declared a war of liberation on Cameroon only to claim self defence. Since 1989, SCNC militants have been attacking military men and killing some in the name of liberation but lend me your ears. How many military camps has Amba conquered? How many of your people have you killed and blaming the military? How many anglophones communities have been protected and how many Cameroonians across the NW & SW are at peace with your presence in their community?

Amba declared a war of liberation, they know where military camps are. Since declaring the war why are they not attacking the military camps as the force they are portraying on social media? Where are their camps if they are these brave lions who want to wage a war of liberation against the military? Instead you are sacrificing your own brothers like dogs with tails in between.

Daily we see military trucks on our highway in search of Amba hideouts. In most cases, the military does not even attack the clowns but let them be in their ignorant world. Read again Amba hideouts. If you are at war and proud to show case your boys why not show your strength defending your camps? When military locate your camps you run like gong dogs in bushes unable to stand and face them.

Your strength is at suppressing the community at gun point not to even label you Amba boys to the military. Those that try or show your hideouts become your enemies.

You are people who claim to be at war killing innocent civilians for showing the military their hideouts! Noise makers

For Amba to kill one military or attack a military convoy they will hide within the population, disguise like innocent civilians and hide in bushes. This is the act of weak, powerless stupid people making useless noise. If you are a force to be reckon with, stop using the population for cover, come out and be brave.

I want to ask Amba mentors, how many military men have you killed since declaring your war of liberation? What has been achieved? If you are not stupid, after pompously displaying killed military men for over 3 decades you are still to control a football stadium. What does that teaches you. Do you even have a brain to think?

On the other hand, all those Amba militants who stood up and claimed to be brave, where are they? All those you were counting on to liberate the military, where are they? Some are now manure. Those hiding abroad an instigating violence can’t even answer a political question coherently.

Daily big grammar with thousands of promises. Where is Wirba? Ayah Pual is there singing status daily as if they are synonymous to common sense. In Europe all you hear is Dr this and that said, barrister this and that said but nothing concrete on the subject except IT WAS, WE WERE, UN act coco yam thinking etc. I need to hear you say, IT IS THIS AND THAT AND I HAVE DONE THIS IN MY COMMUNITY TO SERVE THE PEOPLE WITHOUT THINKING OF MY BENEFIT OR REWARDS. Who among you can say that? Pharisee thinking 24/7

Let me tell you the truth, how many USA president became leaders because they were a Dr or Barrister? In the whole of Africa and world over, name how many great leaders who achievements are as a result of picking up a PhD or Dr academic qualification? Count how many USA president whose sole qualification is a first degree or master degree to see sense in people with average qualifications.

When I write some noise makers will rush in with insult. I have this to tell all of you, your Phd, status, titles etc are only of relevance in your field of study and are of no value in political matters unless you can demonstrate the contrary. From today, all of you should be quiète. Some ignorant youths will rush in claiming elders are ruling the nation. What has Amba achieved with youthful leaders? NOTHING EXCEPT DESTRUCTION.


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