Anglophone Mentality of Marginalisation & The Abolishment of Federalism.

For 56yrs what have you achieved or delivered for yourselves with your concept of English and how has Yde impeded on your initiatives? English was just a language spoken by the British empire and we were one of the members not colonised by the British. Why is it only you who believes so much in Englishness than those who were colonised by the British?

If you couldn’t advance your community prior to the plebiscite nor under federal system, how would you build skyscrapers under Amba? How has the system or someone from eastern province stopped you from advancing your community or stopped you from building your town?

If we are not idiots, were the British English? How can you accept a label that is misleading. What did the British left in Cameroon worth appraisal or fighting for? Nothing. The legacy of the British in Cameroon is that exploitation and political ambitions to merge British Cameroons to Nigeria. Nothing of benefit to us. Should a sane Cameroonian respect that history in our country? No. Do not let the history textbook misguide you.

One of the most sticking, stupid, ignorant political agreement ever made in Cameroon was the position of PM under the federal constitution. It was agreed that if the president who is a Cameroonian comes from the colonial french administrative section, the PM should come from the British not English section. This was made to rotate. Understanding the heterogeneous complex nature of Cameroon society, how can that ever work? Let me enlighten all of you.

Problem number one after Ahidjo, Biya shouldn’t have taken over but Foncha. How will Cameroon vote this leaders as a nation? Do you mean only one section votes this leader and the other votes their PM? Did southern Cameroons vote foncha into office? What happens if two North Westerners are voted subsequently without a South Westerner? Will this PM represent Cameroon or a part of Cameroon? How will the nation vote for the president? Some times we think reality and not expectations.

Next issue, some of my honourable brothers and sisters claimed their companies such as power camp, marketing board etc failed because of marginalisation. Are you for real? If you blame marginalisation and not management then who should we blame for Cameroon bank?

Furthermore, some claimed Anglo Cameroons are never in position of influence. My friends meritocracy is not determined by degrees or a moral code but a political code. Let us take ambazonia leaders for example, are these the sort of thinkers you want to hold public offices? See your thinking along the lines of favouritism and not meritocracy.

No doubt Sisiku my honourable brother and his cohorts went their war with degree and proudly displaying status to declare war in the name of independence hoping the world will sympathise him with support of independence. Hoping God will sympathies and favour his course. The world sympathies your case prior to declaration not after that is how things work. God won’t support you over another human being.NEVER.

What type of a human being will wilfully declare war without any consideration of the vulnerability mass and no measures to keep them safe hoping for sympathy and God? Are we for real? No doubt the people are running from Amba today.

The ignorant mass who do not understand human instinct to help against politics and the need to safe the ignorant mass misunderstood world empathy and the government empathy and the need to suppress your stupidity into a response of Sisiku as the big leader. Crazy. Today, you begging for help and dialogue under what leverage ? Worse of all the people who declared independence are today fighting for independence it. Are we for real? Can you declare yourself winner of the World Cup only to come competing, crying and begging for sympathy to FiFA to pity you with a winner declaration?

Let me ask all of you whose parents have held a position of authority in Cameroon, while in office or after retirement, how many of your own brothers or sisters from across the NW or SW have you vetted and presented to yde as successor or with the ability to lead the country? None but yourselves right! Selfish ignorant thinkers always failed and blame others.

Kamto cancels Ni John in this context. If you don’t know how political meritocracy works speak to me directly. Let us look at SDF or Amba, how many youths have they vetted from across the NW & SW and present to Yde as possible successor of President Biya? None but themselves. Our communities are run by our own leaders, how many have they presented apart of their own blood line? Talent can be spotted even in adversary conditions. During this crisis No Pity for a example was a military talent that could one day become a general in the arm force. What did we do, sacrifice him to serve our selfish ambitions. Tomorrow you will claim we are marginalised.

In the contrary, look at the exhibit of Ayaba Cho my honourable brother in London to sale resources. Who gave him the mandate? How is this in your best interest?

I am Pas Claudius de Great, Mr Atanga Nji is a good minister working had, how many of you are giving him full support? Anglo what? Anglo nonsense. Amba Pharisee. The most selfish ignorant people I have ever seen.

I will let you readers to draw your own conclusions.


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