The Reasons why Ambazonia will be a failed State

The reasons why Ambas will failed Ambazonia

Amba is a long way. You are still living in denial on Cameroon wages but singing Amba.
Some are abroad but wages still being paid. There is only one struggle now (revolutionised the government and power followed by a cultural revolution.

Many are criminals but won’t acknowledge and clean their habits. Hiding behind Amba is no. Clean your habits. Your habits are failing Cameroon and will failed Ambazonia.

Cameroonians Is there any one of you who will cook food serve it to the guest before testing it then spicing it up? You guest will you choose someone as the best cook without seeing, testing the dish to rate the quality? Why are you not looking for the best chef to establish the best restaurant that will serve the best food for you today and your children tomorrow? Ambazonians, have you lost the plug? You only have the opportunity within the contest not before or after.

What are we counting on for independence now? SONARA and any other services? Nothing. You have one gallon of juice and believe it will run a country. Google Venezuela and see how gallons flowing now. Juice tuning like menchum fall. Believe me this morning some people in Venezuela did not have 100cfa to buy bread for breakfast. Can you address why? Your answer is we will see to it when we arrive Ambazonia. The stupidism answer from an educated illiterate. South Sudan did the same, Gambia did, Eritrea did and so far none has managed to address it.

I tell you openly, 80% of you are the reasons why Cameroon is failing and you will failed Ambazonia. We are suffering from the severe form of Ambazoniacoccus (schizoeffective disorders) that is why you are believing in miracles and praying for God to pity you. What is the reason why God should? You can sale even yourself and give the money to the church God will not pity you.

Soon you will curse God just like South Sudanese today. When some are fighting for positive change some are looking for change and their pockets while others are in denial that there are problems but we are lazy and are the problems in denial.

Here is the pathways to independence embark on it or embark on real pragmatic change (cultural revolution)

Ambazonia and the independence mystery explain

''s all right here in the corporate training manual.'
‘….it’s all right here in the corporate training manual.’

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