Bribing & corruption in Cameroon. Ambazonia note

06E16161-29D3-486A-BB18-D834A92E62BDIt is high time we speak honestly to separate facts from propaganda. Most of us will perceive bribery and corruption as just the exchange of money for a service. Ambazonia propaganda. You are all corrupt.

You are wrong and I want all Cameroonians mostly the Amba advocates to read. Be honest and tell us where you fit and if possible shame the perpetrators hiding behind these crime and shouting ambazonia.

1 we are all aware the francophones like to ask for money for services. Fact

That is the easiest form of corruption to combat and that used by anglophones to put forward their case of purity.

2 what of embezzlement? Can any one Cameroonian name just one person in Cameroon working in the private or public sector who has no extra money or investment that is unaccountable for? Houses, cars,clothes, paying for sex etc. Is it not part of bribing and corruption?

3 sex for exchange of favours. This is the worse form of corruption and soon it will be examined and even the anglophones preaching purity will be exposed

4 queue jumpers the most common among anglophones claiming purity status

The list continues. I want you to read and judge yourself now if possible expose those involved in it and preaching hatred on such dimensions.

I am Pas Claudius Bamenda Gary boy made in Cameroon will it be in Ambazonia that you will acknowledge facts and talk reality?
To end, i want you to name just one pure person nowin Cameroon. Start with our leaders examine them to your neighbour fighting on the ground. What have you been told again?

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