The Conspiracy of Cho Ayaba Lucas and the England oil deal mystery explained to the brainwashed, Ambazonia sympathisers, the educated and the wise Cameroonian

It must be said, Ambazonia is presenting itself as the perfect alternative and must be judged according to it own lines of criticism of Cameroon.

Cho Ayaba Lucas a well-known high profile Ambazonia leader travelled to London to sign an oil trade deal with an English company in the name of amba people without even a mandate to represent anyone apart from his cohorts. It should be acknowledged that all these groups are self created and each leader self appointed. Imagine is independence was to be granted, imagine if any self appointed group leader starts to sale land, what will be the end product? Bitter civil war.

To Cameroon, I have this message for you.

The failures of the other Ambazonia leaders, Mr Ayuk Tabe, Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo, Hon Wirba, Mr Chris Anu etc to put forward a rational explanation and if possible disciplinary procedures against his journey to sale black people in Europe speaks volumes. In political terms, we are dealing with a highly sophisticated conspiracy involving even Chris Anu and his other cohort. This is the beginning of the end of Amba as any political movement. Mark my words. This is a seed of division that will never be amended.

To the brainwashed, the Amba sympathisers etc trying to defend such action, you therefore have nothing to say against Cameroon. It is because of people like you, we have found ourselves in this position and using all excuses to lay blame totally somewhere else. I tell you facts, It all started with such attitudes and people like you saw no wrong doing in it. Slowly attitude became embedded in behaviours and behaviours gradually became norms affecting and poisoning the land today. Shame on you preaching and supporting and ideology simply because of resentment and personal frustrations.

To the benefit of all the innocent, firstly Ambazonia has no mandate to represent any southern Cameroon or English-speaking Cameroonians. We have never had a democratic law binding vote define on the base of seeking self determination nor have we ever voted for anyone to represent us in any capacity.

Finally, I want to ask Ambazonia and her loyalist, what century are we living in. Last month, I believe the whole of Africa saw Mrs May of the U.K. coming to Africa to negotiate and buy trade deals. Only in Ambazonia do leaders do the contrary in the name of serving the people

Ambazonia keep disgracing Africa and selling our dignity.

Where is that better alternative? Demonstrate it and stop preaching. If you really think this Revolution is heading anywhere, think again. I know my critiques will come insulting but trust my words. Time will tell. One by one, these self appointed leaders will fall apart. The truth will destroy their propaganda and the revolution. I am the truth and it must be spoken

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