The Amba Independence Objectives

The Reasons only Amba is stopping Amba Independence.

These are the words of the oracle given to you by Pa Pas Claudius. I would advice any amba supporter to take this statement to any amba elite, he or she who can answer to this legally, politically and morally questions is fit to lead amba to buea. Objective views should not be seen as barriersto your wants. Do not insult see it weight against your own existence as a nation.

International rules are not Amba rules to brainstorm, instead, they are internal polices for you to understand and demonstrate it applicability to your case and not the others.

Nobody is stopping amba independence except amba itself. You might be ignorant or fooled to think the contrary but everyone is liable to seek the right information for themselves. Amba leaders are fully aware if the weight of this statement but fear of repercussions will not give them the open door to acknowledge it merit.

Remember, all what you see in Cameroon, exist even in the USA and UK. Marginalization is in the UK and USA. The politics you are fighting is there.

It is upto Amba to define self determination and demonstrate it applicability to this case. You are right to put forward your case but you are not demonstrating why self determination should apply to you. You can cite laws and qoute examples around the world to fool yourself and ignorant people but it is for you to demonstrate how such laws and examples apply to you.

You have stated clearly that marginalization is the ground for your case but you are not demonstrating how you are marginalised more than any other cameroonian. How are you marginalised even more than a native American in the USA, practically, politically, morally and above all legally.

Let me rephrase your pathway to independence currently based on self determination. On what constitutional legality are you operating? UN laws do not override internal individual country rights nor do they override sovereignty constitutions. Instead, they reinforce meaning making it hard to pass the test for self determination. Scotland, catalonia, Hong Kong etc are examples but to narrow it down, Hong Kong is our closes example next only to Catalonia. When you compare and contrast, you look into the history. South Sudan has no resemblance to our case. SC was Cameroon -Kamerun under British Administration just like Hong Kong and Hong Kong is China. Of recent, the UK could only watch the drama in Hong Kong because they know deep down the history. So, how do you expect the UK to be your saviour here?

Imagine if amba was a nation and i raise some cash buy arms radicalise a 100 youths arm them to force my agenda on you. Will amba accept it?

If your answer is YES, why is it not enshrined and enacted into law in the amba constitution?

If the answer is NO,
It takes us to the gray legal logistics, what is amba and who gave you the legal right to try to name us amba without legal consent? On what grounds are you representing people and who gave you the mandate? This proof that your name, flag, constitution, anthem, code of arm are political nonsense.

You are not different to an unregistered business man.

This brings us to the real problem you have created, who gave you the mandate to arm declare independence and declare an independence war?

Until you settle these scores, the international community will only see you as ignorant people.

The international community can only speak of the suffrage of mankind as it is the case you hear off in the US congress.

You will address yourselves just how you created it.

If you can address such matters we will go into the logistics.

In my rational opinion, amba has deliberately used a consultation of the people process to stage an independence hence declaring war on the very people. That is how you are the problem of your own creation.

The Pas Claudius Ideology. 67C59C14-2114-4312-88F4-8B9ACF6AE8E5

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