The Reason Sisiku Failed in Brief

A71E9007-AD57-4F93-B761-6991E7A26EE2Sisiku like other leaders do not feel they can be followers forgetting to lead you must learn to follow and have the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions but also the compassion and modesty to listen before you leap and know that you are no better than the people that put you in such place of authority.

Sisiku made thousands of promise knowingly that he was putting the life/lives of the innocent at risk. Leaders set goals not promises. Sisiku projected a false representation of facts hence giving false impression of himself and reality.

All the lies of lobbying abroad are not what leaders do. How can Sisiku travel abroad hire limousine with night club bouncers in the name of bodyguard just to give people home false impressions? He went as far as meeting local people who have no voice in international affairs took pictures and presented them to the mass as negotiations with the international community. In my opinion this man is very dangerous and will lead many to their graves for nothing.

To that, Sisiku was doom.

Ambazonia is still projecting false impression of reality misleading the mass hence ambazonia is doom. My words are insignificant today but by 2030 the mass will grow out of emotions to reason the hard way

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